Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well okay it is the best stamp ever if you like ladybugs and you are okieladybug!! *okie cracks up laughin*. Brandilynn from the Cricut MB pointed out this cute stamp to me a few months back and I loved it! I just kept looking at it and looking at it and decided I did need it! I will now be able to stamp all my cards and any swaps I do with this cute little stamp!! The stamp measures about 1 5/8 across. It is big enough to read and yet small enough that it doesn't overpower the back of a card.

If you would like a personalized stamp you can check out Stamp Out, which is the place mine came from. Lisa has a ton of stamps to choose from but she can also do custom work. She was very quick to ship!!


  1. Again, you rock!

    --Gracie at everythingcricut.blogspot.com

  2. Okie!
    Thanks for leaving her contact information in your blog posts.... I have one on order myself - with a little bit of a different design.


  3. Those are adorable! I am going to check out their website right now!