Thursday, September 4, 2008

A few scrap cards

Here are a couple of cards I made last night. I had made two more but gave them to my LSS owner as she had given me a scraps I used to make them. Well not the pumpkin one, but the others.

Here is the pumpkin one. I used clipart from PC crafters mall for the pumpkin. I actually printed two and then cut one where it was just the pumpkin and used foam under it to make it stand out.

On this one I used the cuttlebug butterfly tag team set. I love that set!! The paper is some that my LSS owner had given me. It was a stack of 4x4 squares. She figured I could use them for card making.

I was going to put a butterfly on this one but then when I had it like this I thought "OMG I CAN USE THAT FOR A MAN'S BIRTHDAY" so left the butterfly off of it. With that being said the card will likely just gather dust as I don't know any men to send a card to!!


  1. hey okie! just wanted to stop in and say hi... love ALL your cards lady!
    ladybug for president hmmm that could prove to be interesting .... if you want my vote.. i can be persuaded with pretty PAPER!!!!!! ;) you crack me up!
    have a great day! shelly

  2. Hi Okie! I love the pumpkin card. I'm going to have to get me a bug for my car soon.