Monday, September 15, 2008

A few simple cards...

Well I was going to say there was no Cricut or Cuttlebug on these cards but there is! LOL I wanted to do some simple easy cards and these are the ones I came up with. The sentiments are Studio 112 and some Basic Grey. The paper is from some Basic Grey 6x6 mats and then also some card stock.

This first one does have a butterfly from the Cuttlebug Butterfly Tag Team set. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE.....did I say LOVE? these butterflies!! It is chipboard. I used some glimmer mist on it then used alcohol inks. I just found some paper that matched the butterfly. It was a very simple card to make and got the idea for the layout of it from Page Maps. If you haven't tried that site you should! IT IS TOTALLY AWESOME!! And is listed on my favorite places! The dots along the card are a silver gel pen. I had a hard time not adding more things to this card but I wanted it simple so I resisted....but it was very hard!! Sometimes I think I just continue to add stuff until it ruins the project. I know there is NO ONE else that ever does such a thing.......RIGHT??

This card does have some leftover photo corners from Jasmine. I layered them for effect.....okay actually I couldn't decide which color I wanted to use so I just used both! hee hee hee I did add a little bling to the card. I am trying to do better about using my supplies and stop the thinking mode of "OMG IF I USE IT I WON'T HAVE IT ANYMORE". I have to tell myself that I can always get more if I need to. The rubon is from a Basic Grey set. The inking is NOT cat eye. It is actually a cat eye pad that went dry and I now add some Tim Holtz walnut distressing ink to the pad. My LSS owner gave me this idea and it works great!! However I have been known to put too much ink on the pad and make a huge mess....but we won't talk about that. At least I won't. So....ssshhhh!!

Okay not sure if you can see it or not but the rubon says LAUGHTER. I used a Prima flower on this one. For the center I cut a chipboard circle and colored it with some cat eye ink and then embossed it. Well I didn't like how it looked so I added some Glossy Dimensional accent.......didn't like that either so I added Stickles.....FINALLY I LIKED IT! LOL The charm is one I got years ago at Wal-Mart during my Christmas Stocking phase *side note: Christmas stocking phase was when I made Christmas stockings with material scraps and added ribbon, charms and whatever suited my fancy at the back to the regular scheduled blog post* The 3 small dots at the bottom are Robin's Nest accents. My friend Scrappinbee sent me a few bottles of those and THEY ARE LOVELY!!

I did use the Threading Water punch on this one.....have you ever thought about the name of that punch? It doesn't look a thing like water, nor does it look like it is thread....not sure where they got the name....but I do like the punch!! I got the ribbon buckle in a pack from LTD commodities. It is the first time I have used one.....and I like it.....what do you think of it? I cut the oval with one of those Fiskar templates and then also cut one on chipboard. It is pop dotted and stands up from the card. I used the cat eye chalk ink on this one. I am really loving the Olive Pastel!! Oh yes...and there are two little pieces of bling. I think this one makes a nice birthday card with the sentiment on the front!!

Oh and don't forget......if you have a hard time seeing the details you can click the picture and it will open up bigger for ya!


  1. Hi Okie_Ladybug

    I enjoy your blog and I wanted to ask you a question about your cards. This last one you did where you cut the oval with a Fiskar template and then cut chipboard, did you cut the chipboard with the Fiskar Template too? If so, was it hard?

    Also is the fiskar template that you are referring to one of those orange templates? Sorry to sound so ignorant here, just wanted clarification. I have several of those orange fiskar templates and the hand held cutter. I love it, it is a very simple tool to use. So if there is a trick you use with cutting chipboard with this, please share. Thanks for your help and I really enjoy your blog.

    Marilyn C
    Oakland Tennessee

  2. Hey Marilyn,

    Yes those are the templates! I used a thin chipboard and all I did was continue to go around in the template with the cutter set at it's deepest setting. I did have to use scissors in a few places but it still worked!

  3. Hello Okie-
    I have just started blogging-not sure what I am doing yet-I found your blog and Love it - your cards are amazing! I added you to my blogs that I follow, and want to make sure that is ok? I noticed on Robyns stamps that she gives the go ahead to link to hers w/o permission on her blog-but couldn't find one on yours, so am now worried about getting permission first. Please let me know. Thanks for posting all of your great cards!!!

  4. Great lot of cards Okie, I really love the butterfly one. I am going t0 hop around a little more - no pesky wobbly words to worry about x

  5. Okie they are beautiful!! that is what I have been doing Using my stuff.. My sister and I both made a VOW we would stop Stashing our STASH.. Pull it out and USE IT!! O Page Maps I Love her stuff I just got the BOOK. I LOVE IT!!
    Thank U Okie.

  6. Okie, I love all the cards you do. You give me inspiration to sit my butt down and make some pretty cards. You are so talented.

  7. Okie your cards are so cute. Keep on makin em.

  8. Okie
    This isn't about cards, so I hope it is ok to ask-but how do I make my blog cool like yours? How do you get the special wallpaper and the continuous blog (without the boxes?) Thank U! Rhonda

  9. Hey Rhonda,

    Well I made my wallpaper with the paint program and a photo program. And not sure what you mean about the boxes. I just kept playing around with the codes and actually have no idea how I did it...not much help am I?