Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sunflower card

I got caught up on my decal orders and was able to make a card tonight. I used Stamped for the tag and SYI for the sunflowers. For the stems I used some dark green grosgrain ribbon and then cut the ribbon for the leaves and burned the edges with a lighter to keep it from fraying.

I thought the card looked "OK" but was feeling it needed something else, just couldn't decide what it needed.

I posted it on the MB and then Wife2TJ said it was missing ladybugs........so naturally I had to go get out my skittles and make some ladybugs.

AND.......WOW it sure made the card look SSOOO much better!! I drew the heads and antennae then doodled the flight pattern lines with a black marker pen, ya know the fine line Zig ones *okie loves those!* Thanks so much Wife2TJ for the suggestion!!


  1. OOO Okie this is so CUTE!! I Love lady bugs too..When ever I see one I feel Like it is my Mom telling me Hey...;o)
    When my mom died in 1999 of brain cancer we were staying with her round the clock well her house was swarmed by lady bugs.It was UNREAL So Now every time I see one I think of my Mom!!;O)

  2. the pen work made it really pop
    Love it

  3. I have nominated you for the Brillant Blog award please check my blog for information about the award and to add the award to your blog.
    I have nominated your blog because your blog gives wonnderful ideas and inspiration to myself and other scrappers.

  4. Okie,
    The ladybugs were just the right touch. That card is perfect. What a great idea for skittles. Now we will all have to see what other animals or bugs we can make with the. Hmm, do I hear challenge!!?? LOL

  5. Looks great! Your lady bugs are absolutely ADORABLE!!! :-)

  6. Beautiful card.
    Thank you for sharing.
    take care,

  7. The lady bugs make it all better! Love it!

  8. The lady bugs definately made it better. How funny that someone else thought of it.

    I think you left them off just to see if anyone would notice. LOL