Sunday, August 31, 2008

Animals are loose!!

Hello........anyone here? Well if you aren't I sure understand since I haven't been posting much lately. School started two weeks again and it sure keeps me busy this time of year. Of course I am glad since my caseload is picking up and maybe I can get some money coming in!! This summer was one of my roughest I have had but now with school I am getting my caseload up and staying busy. BUT TOO BUSY TO GET MANY THINGS DONE!! Well scrappy things that is!

So this being a long holiday weekend I thought I would get some cards done! My LSS owner gave me her Animal Kingdom cart for selling some carts for her WOOHOO!! SO I have kinda gone animal crazy this weekend!

The first one I designed was the Wishing EWE A Happy Birthday. But it was the last one I cut LOL. I used MiniMonograms for the scallop, it was a circle but I smooshed it to make an oval. I used Cuttin Up for the words. I used Glossy Dimensions on the eyes and nose. Swiss Dots cuttlebug folder on the pink oval. After I was almost done with the card I thought there was too much pink and black so I threw on some ribbon and a flower that has some raspberry tones to them. The inside is just done with MSword and says "A Happy Birthday" and is done in a pink and raspberry color.

My card that seems to be the biggest hit on the Cricut MB is my "Wishing ur Ass A Happy Birthday". The idea actually came to me while I was on a marathon phone conversation with my friend Scrappinbee. We were talking about the animals and I was telling her about my Wishing EWE idea and then I asked if any carts had a donkey. She said she thought Paper Doll Dress Up did. I told her "OMG I COULD DO A WISHING UR ASS A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" We laughed for 10 minutes about the idea! Well of course I had to make the card then!! The Mesa in the background is also PDDU, as is the rope. The wording is with Base Camp. The sky is a neat little trick I learned from the local stamp club lady!! Very easy to do!!

My next card is the "Have a toadly Happy Birthday". I used AK for the frog, WIMG for making the lilies *of course okie used DS to adjust what she needed*, and Printing Press for the wording. I am not too pleased with this one.....not sure what to do different but next time I will try and think of something!!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the cow on PDDU!! GrammaS from the Cricut MB made an adorable card with the cow so I had to try it!! While her card is different *and okie is able to admit MUCH MUCH better* I do like this card!! I used Stamped for the wording, flower and tag. I did widen the tag with DS to make it how I wanted. The brads are some that I embossed myself.

I made this card today. It is the Happy Birthday Ya Ol' Goat card. I am posting the inside of this card also so it makes more sense why there is a goat on the front! LOL I used AK for the goat, WIMG for the tulips, Beyond Birthdays for the words and Jasmine for the photo corners. I did the sky thing again with inks for this one. The grass is some kinda grass stuff I got at a store in Moore while I was visiting my sister. For the inside I smooshed the circle on Mini Mono again. I did the wording with MSword using the text art feature I think it is.

Okay I think that is all I have for now!! Sorry I haven't been posting much, been busy with school starting.....and still will be for another week or two at least. Hopefully after things get settled I can start posting more and adding more .cut files!! Hope you all are enjoying your Labor Day weekend!!


  1. any chance of sharing the sky tip? i am always puzzled with sky and it looks so flat!
    I love the cow its so cute!and all the puns, we should start an animal pun thread on the mb lol!

  2. Those cards are GREAT! Thanks for sharing! I will be back to your blog more often!

    OKIE for President!!


  3. LOVE these cards i miss it when you are not bloging .

  4. Congratulations on your Ol Goat card making the Chirp!

  5. Your animal cards are precious!