Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What happens when you shop over the phone...

So Hobby Lobby was having a sale on adhesives. Robynstamps *from the Cricut MB* said "I never see them 50% off" *I saw Robyn's adhesive drawer that she posted, she got A LOTTA ADHESIVE...hee hee hee*.

So what do I do? I call my BFF in Longview Texas and tell her "ya gotta go to Hobby Lobby and get some adhesives, they are sale and Robyn says she never sees them 50% off!". BFF tells me to make a list. So I make a list and email it to her. She calls while she is there to clarify what to get *very interesting conversation shopping on the phone is, let me tell ya!*, I describe boxes and packaging to her. She asks me about a few other things and I ask the price *of course I am on the internet looking up prices while we are talking* and then I tell her "sure get a couple of those too! That is a great price!". She tells me she thinks she has it and has to pick up a few things.

So I am excited about getting some more glue dots, herma runner refills, xyron refills, and such. I am thinking "oh this is going to save me tons of money!!". Well the next day my BFF calls and says "I spent $70". I am like "HOLY CRAP! WHAT DID YOU BUY??"! She tells me "I have no idea. I got what was on your list and some other stuff, I didn't want to not get things since it was a such a good sale". I am thinking at this point "dang there goes my convention shopping money all on adhesives!". Anyway me and BFF are cracking up about her buying so much. She does tell me however the lady told her "uhhh...if ya decide you don't need all that you can bring some back. Just save your receipt and you have 60 days". Then we laugh about that too.

Anyway I have no idea what all she will be bringing on Wednesday or Thursday when she gets here, but I can pretty much bet I won't have to buy adhesives for awhile!


  1. Sure, blame it on me. :) I'm so glad you got so much fun stuff!!

  2. Well it was YOUR post that lead me to call my friend! LOL

  3. LOL...Wow...and i thought I had bought a lot when I spent $30 on adhesives! I know...I'll tell hubby how much YOU spent first...then he will think I've been such a good girl!!!!!!!rofl

    mary jean

  4. LOL...sounds just like my hubby and his brother. They live 300 miles from each other but they will both go to Lowes and/or Home Depot at the same time and talk and compare everything over the phone! That's too funny.

  5. Well this week should be fun with the Hobby Lobby 50% off sale! LOL