Thursday, March 6, 2008

Don't cheat others out of a blessing!!

Today I received a package in the mail. I brought the mail in and laid it on the table while I put away groceries. I then grabbed the package and sat down to open it. Initially I thought it was my ATG gun replacement but thought it was kind of an odd shape for an ATG but had no idea what else it could be. I sit down and read the is from Cherishedscrapandcards and I think "oh I don't remember placing an order with Kathy (she is Alliscrap on the cricut message board). I know I keep putting things in my cart but can't decide on what I want, did I order something and not remember?". So I open the package and there were TWO cricut cartridges!! Tags, Bags, Boxes and More and also Cuttin Up. OKay at that point my mouth dropped and I started to tear up.

I immediately pm'd Kathy on the MB and she said it wasn't her and that I must have a very generous secret sister!! And then told me she couldn't tell me who sent it to me but there was a way to figure it out and that I should be able to figure it out! *I swear for such a nice woman she can be so dang onery sometimes!*

I run next door to show my neighbor what I got in the mail. She is as perplexed as I. Well of course she would be, she doesn't even know what a cricut is. She knows I have one and she gets to see what I do with it. But she hasn't seen one. Of course I would have her over but she isn't able to get around well and wouldn't make it up my steps. We sit there and talk with me staring at the carts and still saying "I can't believe someone sent me these". She laughs at me and just tells me to be thankful. I said "well I am thankful ya ol goat! *now don't get upset with me callin her an ol goat, I wouldn't trade my neighbor for a million bucks* I just am amazed"

Normally I am very good at detective work! But not today! *maybe it was me being in a bad mood because the weather man promised snow and of course it didn't snow, but that is another story* My mind was reeling with who could have sent me two carts! Of course I posted on the message board thanking Kathy but had to go back and do an addendum when I found out it wasn't her. No one was confessing. Everyone was posting what a great RAK (random act of kindness, for those who don't know what RAK is) and I agreed but I WANTED TO KNOW......I HAD TO KNOW!!

In the messages Imanantique suggested a MB member, because she remembered the member asking me about what carts I would order from Creative Xpress if I were going to order. THEN IT SNAPPED! SOFTBROWN THAT LITTLE DEVIL!! Well Soft pmd me and said "can you call the number on the paper". I was like "what number". Then I looked. I saw a number and called it.

IT WAS SOFT!! Oh sure she tried to play it off. Here I was on the phone yelling her name, asking if this was her, etc and she calmly says "who is this". I yell "IT IS SHIRLEY!! YOU SENT ME THE CARTS DIDN'T YOU!!" She cracks up laughing and says "well I wasn't alone, there were several of us that pitched in". I almost started crying (again). Well we talked for like an hour on the phone. She tells me they decided to do it because I am always helping others on the board and that I share all my files.

I am still dumbfounded and I don't know if I could ever repay the kindness these ladies have shown me. I thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart! There just aren't enough words to express the gratitude I feel.

It is often hard for me to accept others doing things for me, but over the years I have tried to get better at it. An aunt of mine once told me "now Shirley if someone wants to do something for you and you don't let them then you cheat them out of a blessing". When you think about it, it really does make sense. So I am not gonna cheat anyone out of a blessing......I graciously and gratefully accept the kindness of my Cricut Sisters!!


  1. What a wonderful surprise. Can't wait to see what you make with them...

  2. This is a great story! I missed it on the mb, but I love reading your posts.

    Thanks! & keep posting.
    Cydne Wright

  3. I missed this on the MB Okie, but love reading your posts, so it's so nice that you got your appreciation. You are a ray of sunshine. Love your blog, now all I need is DS (and a computer that works properly!)

  4. that is sooo totally deserve it!! i hope you know that!! your aunt is right..and you are a blessing to the message board
    i wish i had known about it...that is awesome it made me tear up just reading about it !!!!!

  5. Awwww, what a heartwarming story! So sweet of them to do that! Wow...internet buddies are so valuable! :) I'm sure you will think of them every time you use the carts! What a blessing for sure!