Friday, March 7, 2008

Baby Crib Card

Someone had posted a baby crib and Cricut MB members were wanting one. There are several versions available now as so many creative ladies jumped on the challenge. Some of the ladies requested it being able to fold up and used for a shower invitation. Let me tell ya this simple thing about ate my lunch! Oh it was easy at first but when folding to get into an envelope, well that was another story! But I gave it that good ol cricut try and finally was able to get it just right *think Goldilocks and The Three Bears here*.

Without further ado I give you the BABY CRIB CARD INVITATION!!

The first picture is how it looks all folded up and ready to put in the envelope (the small invitation size).
I didn't add any cut outs as I figured people have different tastes and can add their own if they download the file. And I thought that some might want to write on the ends of the baby crib, something like "Help welcome so and so's baby" or something like that. Anyway, ya can decorate it up however you want! I will say that when I did the cut with the bazzill it was much sturdier! *looking over at the huge pile of flimsy cardstock failures on my craft table* You can score for easier folding. I just used a ruler and embossing tool. The whole cut is done on ONE piece of 6x12 card stock. I did have it on two mats and then when I started figuring costs I thought I needed to try and put it on one mat.

The next picture is how it looks unfolded the first time.
The bottom of the bed is showing and should have enough room to write information about where, when, etc. Here you can see how there are cross tabs that keep the thing from falling apart. Very important if ya don't want a baby fallin to the floor! And NO ONE wants that to happen!! And if ya do want that to happen.......well I am called Child Services on ya! SHAME ON YOU! *cracking up laughin*

This picture is of it completely unfolded.
This shows how the tabs need to be folded in. Fold in the cross tabs and then the slot tabs. You then slide them into the slots and unfold to keep it together. I guess you could also write in the bottom of the bed if you needed more room to write. Such as if you wanted to write the suggestion I have at the end of this post.

Lastly is the picture of it all put together.
For the receiver to put it together remember to fold in the cross tabs and the slot tabs. And WAH LAH! You have a 3D baby shower invitation! Since my friends and I are past the baby stage and we are hoping it will be a long, long, long time *it dang sure better be a long time!* before we need it for grandchildren I don't think I will be using this one anytime soon. However I thought it would be a cute idea to ask all the guests to bring their invitation to the shower and fill it with small goodies, like booties, pacifiers, (or anything that will fit in the crib) for the expectant mother!

Hope you guys enjoy this file! And by golly someone better use this one!
*LOL* If you do use it for an invitation please send me a picture to post! I love posting what people do with my files!


  1. Wow! How creative! That is soooo cool!

  2. WOW this is wonderful i am going to have it cut out by lunch time for sure . thank you soo much

  3. Okie you deserve every blessing folk send to you. This is crib is so clever! I rarely post on the MB now as I haven't got the time to look at all the designs/cards etc AND post a message and I don't want to appear to have 'favourites' but you are definitely one of them!LOL

  4. You are a genius!!!!! Great Job!!!

  5. thank you for giving this away your so kind and can see things I can't.

  6. Thanks for the compliments! Sharon I am not giving it away. Ya gotta work for it! You have to use your time to cut it out and put it together LOL.

  7. Bravo! Thanks for the instructions as well as the inspiration!

  8. Amazing!! You are so creative and Kind!!! Thanks again for helping me with my blog!

  9. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. I don't post much on the board either but wanted to say thanks I may use this for a card to put in with a shower present for a friend.

  10. I love everything you have done with your cricut, I have just got the Design Studio and have started using mine more. I would love to make some of the baby cribs to use as centerpieces for my daughters shower but I can't open or save the file. I didn't have any trouble with the other files I saved. Can you tell me if I'm doing something wrong?

    Thank you

  11. You are so talented, I wish I had the time and skill to come up with ideas like this! I would love to try this crib out, but I am not able to open the file, it says that it is no longer available. Hopefully you can help me with this. Thanks in advance.
    -Anna Dawn

  12. Wow...beautiful!! I can't download the cut file. It says it's not available :o( Will you re-post it?


  13. I so wanted to make this crib but media fire says not sad am I. Do you still have it?