Wednesday, November 23, 2016

PayPal Dispute Resolved!

As ya'll know I had offered a file for purchase of some Snowmen Ornaments and one person that purchased rescinded her payment saying she never got the file.

In her correspondence on PayPal she said she tried to email me several times but I never replied and then stated she didn't know how to contact me any other way than PayPal. First off she used my email to send the money through PayPal and she never emailed me about not getting the file. Also I had sent the file the day after she paid. At that time I was still was emailing the file because I didn't have a buy button on my website for my files, which I do now in the posts that have files for purchase.

I sent her several messages through PayPal and she never responded so I decided to escalate the situation to PayPal for review. Thank goodness for the snipping tool in Windows because I was able to send them a screenshot of where I sent her another email, forwarding the original email with the file attached.

This is not something I wanted to do and I know it was only $5, but it was my $5! Actually only $4.55 after PayPal fees. 

After review PayPal decided in my favor! YAY! I really wasn't sure what would happen since there were no tangible goods but I guess since I had kept the email in my "sent" folder and was able to provide that information it helped. 

I just don't know why people want to try and cheat others!


  1. She is not a very nice person....IMHO
    Why would someone want to cheat someone for 5.00. I sometimes wonder if it is not a "game" to them.
    I have learned a lot since I got burned on that buy in that time with ??Holt girl for over $100.00. I would never go through anyone but PP now. Glad that you did, so you had you butt covered.

  2. Glad you "won", but I still don't think it's very nice to post her name. You could have explained the situation without divulging the identity of the person involved. That is a breach of privacy, imho.

  3. For some reason that name sticks in my head as one of those scammers from the old MB, wonder if she was one of those also?

  4. Really?! I am so happy you won Shirley!!! Not sure what that person was thinking but she was wrong and like you I don't know why people want to cheat others either. I'm just glad in this one that the good person won! It doesn't always turn out like that. Hugs, Brenda