Friday, November 25, 2016

Outdoor Grade Vinyl $6.99 12" x 30' Roll

As a lot of you know I love Signwarehouse and I have been using them for my vinyl and Heat Transfer Vinyl purchasing since 2008. They have absolutely wonderful customer service and their prices are usually pretty competitive with other's that sell the same product. 

What you may not know is that Signwarehouse has their own signature brands of vinyl and HTV, it is Endura and the ending of the name depends on the type of vinyl you are purchasing. The regular vinyl is EnduraGLOSS and is comparable to Oracle 651, the stuff that is permanent. 

Here are the specs of the EnduraGLOSS:

  • High gloss finish rated for up to six years outdoors. *
  • Soft calendared face film with great weeding and release characteristics.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive makes dry applications easier.
  • 32 color palette includes most hues needed for standard signage.
  • Made in the USA: Consistent quality roll after roll.
  • Outstanding price – performance value.
The price of EnduraGLOSS generally is always less than the Oracale 651 but today Signwarehouse is offering their 12" x 30' rolls for $6.99!! That my friends is an amazing value!

If you are needing some great vinyl and are wanting to save some money I highly recommend checking out Signwarehouse's house brand vinyl EnduraGLOSS! And yes, I do use this myself!

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