Wednesday, July 2, 2014

There Is An Easier Way To Do Large Vinyl Projects!

So after thinking I was a smarty pants about figuring out how to make larger vinyl projects I was informed that Make The Cut has a "Tiler" function that does the same thing for you and it is much simpler! Bryan from MTC was kind enough to share some links with me and I found this video to be most beneficial and I thought I would share it with you guys.


I am terrible about not reading instructions for things and I guess if I had taken time to read the manual I would have found this out long ago. Oh well I still say I was a bit genius to figure out the method I did anyway HA HA HA.


  1. A genius your are! Thanks for always sharing with us

  2. You are amazing! Figuring that out was quite impressive. I even thought that it was nice to have your info in case i ever decide to do that. Actually, i do want to blow things up but it really looked like a lot of work, and i don't have MTC, so i don't see me doing it in the near future. The tiler function is fabulous. Perhaps someday i'll get MTC.