Saturday, July 12, 2014



Okay thought I better check in and give ya'll a heads up on why I haven't been posting much lately. As most of you know I have an abundance of friends, not acquaintances, but true friends that I have had for years, some 20+ years matter of fact *okie looks up gives God a little shout out for blessing and enriching her life with such wonderful friends*. These are the type of friends I don't have to talk to all the time or be with them every day and we may go months without seeing each other or talking to each other but when we do then it's like no time has passed.

Around the beginning of June my friend Nancy, whom I've known since college, and I decided we needed a dinner date. Well that one fateful dinner date has lead to us spending many hours together during the last month. She has introduced me to the fact that there is life outside my craftroom! I have met new people, had interesting conversations with strangers *okie laughs at some of the interesting conversations she has had with Nancy*, been to an outdoor concert, been to the movies, had someone to spend time with in the pool and just basically a best friend to hang out with and do things with. And ya know what...It's great!

Nancy and I have kids around the same age and actually our girls use to spend a lot of time together when they were in grade school and either her daughter was at my house or my daughter at her house most every weekend for awhile. Her daughter even got snowed in at my house one time during an unexpected snow storm and while Nancy was quite worried her daughter kept telling her she was fine and was having fun. Her daughter, Brianne, actually even potty trained my daughter. They went to the same daycare and the daycare worked on a buddy system of potty training. Brianne is older than Shiane and every time Brianne needed to use the bathroom she would go get Shiane and take her to the bathroom. I always said I needed to pay for Brianne's college for that wonderful feat!

So anyway now you know what has been keeping me busy lately and I'm going to just enjoy this time with my friend right now because it seems like our times together over the years have been much like the changing of the seasons. I figure, like always, it will eventually come the season where it goes dormant for awhile so for now I will enjoy sowing our oats, watching our friendship bond grow and harvest the wonderful friendship we share.


  1. So happy for you and you've got the best kind of friends! Enjoy the season! :)

  2. Happy for you that you and Nancy have found an opportunity to enjoy your friendship and let you find the life outside the craft room. Enjoy the times together and in meeting new people and doing new things! MeFlick