Friday, June 6, 2014

Stampin Up Happy Hello Card Kit - Candles

Some of you know this story and others do not so once again I will tell how I got started doing cards  at the ICF/MR facility where I do individual and group counseling. A few years ago during  a group counseling session we were discussing depression and how to avoid falling into a depressive state and being the curious kitties that my clients are asked me what I did, which is quite the fair question since I am always asking them questions, and I told them I crafted and mostly papercrafted. They were rather intrigued by the whole idea and that is when I got the idea of having them make cards. At this time my groups do two cards at Christmas, two cards at Valentines and then in June they get to make 4 birthday cards so they can have cards on hand as they need them.

In order to get the cards done within an hour, there are 6 clients in each group, I make card kits. Some of my clients suffer some physical ailments along with their developmental delay so it helps if some of the small pieces are already together. When I saw the Happy Hello Simply Sent Card Kit on the Stampin Up clearance I just knew it would be great for the cards with the groups and the clearance price would help keep my costs down as well. The kit was $11.95 at regular price but has been marked down to $2.39 in the clearance. There are 8 cards, envelopes and a number of elements in each kit.

Now I am going to be honest and say I had to look up images so I could get some ideas for birthday cards and thankfully I did find a few.  This is a card that one of my clients put together. I had the elements ready and they got to decorate the card how they wanted. Some of them had the cards going vertical while others chose to go horizontal. They really enjoyed being able to choose and getting to put the elements where they wanted.

For the elements I cut some small strips of paper to and glued them across the grey stripe stickers to make them look more like candles. For the flame I layered two different sizes of the 4 point flower and then added Stickles and cut them away from the centers. The sentiment on the tag is from Stampin Up Whimsical Words and the tag is done with the Stampin Up Tag punches. The baker's twine that the bow is made from is in the kit.


  1. I bet your clients think you are the B.E.S.T! Your put your heart and soul into helping them, and you're such a good example for all of us!

  2. just awesome, and I craft when I need a boost myself. Always make me smile!