Monday, June 9, 2014

Stamp Club Challenge Card - Loads of Love

The first Thursday of every month is Stamp Club and while I did make it with Linda I didn't make anything during Stamp Club. I did, however, get my challenge cards done to take with me. Sometimes one of the ladies brings some papers and we pay her, usually 50 cents, for the paper and are suppose to make something with the paper and then bring it the next month to show everyone. I got mine done the night before Stamp Club...I tend to procrastinate.

There were two papers for use to use, one had what looked like roads and trees on it and the other was stripes and dots. Since I wanted to stay with the theme I dug out my Stampin Up Loads of Love stamp set and used it. My paper strips are off kilter because I messed up when I was cutting and had to be a little creative with making the card. I actually think I like the tilted papers.

My next dilemma was figuring out what color to use on the truck so it would match the papers. I ended up using Ginger and Spice ProMarkers to color the truck. The wheels were with two different grey markers. For the windows I used Pastel Blue and Powder Blue and then went over the center of the side window diagonally with the blender pen to take away some of the color. I used a silver gel pen on the bumpers and then added some silver dot hot fix elements on the hubcaps.

Since the blue circle seemed rather stark I thought I would add some eyelets. I haven't used many eyelets because my Crop-O-Dile Big Bite would make them all smooshy looking. I lost my CODBB during the craft show that Linda and I did back in December and my friend Carmen picked me up a new one and I got it last week. I am really pleased with how well it set the eyelets. I did find if I used quick motion to set the eyelets once I had them lined up that it looked better than if I used a slower motion.

Tomorrow's card is what I made using the scraps that were left over from this set of cards. I say set because ya know I couldn't make just one!


  1. Really cute card, love that retro truck!

  2. I like your tilty strips, too! Great card.

  3. Where in the heck have you been? I love reading your blog. Your daughter was very lucky to have you for her Mom.