Monday, May 5, 2014

Don't Ya Hate Mornings Like This!

So this is how I had my day planned for yesterday.

Take a shower
Do a load of laundry

By 11:30 am this is how my day went.

  • Made coffee
  • Let the dogs out
  • Decided the floors needed swept
  • Let the dogs in
  • Went to get the dust pan and broom and that lead to me cleaning the laundry area of where the kids keep all their clean and dirty clothes.
  • Let the dogs out
  • Swept the floors in the hallway and put away blankets that are stacked up next to the linen closet.
  • Went to sweep the craftroom and decided I needed to go through some boxes and break them down for the recycling bin. 
  • Organized some mailing supplies and found a new place to store them.
  • Swept the craftroom.
  • Put dog bed in washing machine.
  • Swept the living room, finding trash shoved under the couch, cussed at my daughter even though she wasn't home. 
  • Let the dogs in
  • Started to pour a cup of coffee but decided I needed to take a shower first.
  • Got towel and clean clothes and went to the bathroom.
  • Picked up my daughters dirty clothes from the bathroom floor and cussed about it.
  • Started the water and turned it off.
  • Went to the kitchen to get a scrubby and some cleaner because the shower was NASTY. Cussed at my daughter for not rinsing the tub after shaving her legs, even though she wasn't here.
  • Sprayed down the shower, remembered the dog bed in the washer and went and put it in the dryer.
  • Returned to the bathroom and remembered I didn't get a towel.
  • Go to my bedroom to get my towel and decided to sort my laundry. 
  • Head back to the bathroom and remember I didn't take my medication, go to kitchen and take my medication while remembering how much I loved not cleaning up after two grown people and make a mental note to write them eviction letters.
  • Head to the shower to find cleaner had dried. 
  • Spray down the shower again.
  • Get in shower and scrub the shower wondering how much cleaner is getting on my body and if it will give me cancer. 
  • Periodically turning off water to scrub, then water back on to rinse, repeating process until all the shower is cleaned.
  • Soap, shower and rinse myself.
  • Go to bedroom and put on clothes. See the pile of laundry and remember I was going to do laundry.
  • Put a load of clothes in washer.
  • Go get a cup of coffee to find it is cold because I brewed it two hours earlier.

And I wonder why I can't get anything done.


  1. I have been following you for sometime now! Never stop posting because I do the very same thing myself.....I'm not alone. My 24 yr old and my husband are like two yr olds when it comes to picking up after themselves. It is maddening.

  2. It's called life and I still don't know how to balance it all!

  3. OMGosh! You need a housekeeper and a dog watcher, Okie!

  4. I think that's when the saying "Your hose is always running" comes in to play. You have a plan on what you want, but along the way 10 other things throw you off your track.
    Kathy Wyatt

  5. Whewwww ... I am exhausted just by reading all that YOU have done. But I can relate, this seems to be a normal routine for me ... each time I start something, I get side tracked by something else that needs to be done, then side tracked again by something else. It's a vicious circle. Side note: It's probably good that your two "young adults" weren't home during all this ... but I bet their ears are burning!

  6. Sounds so typical of a woman's day. We always do everything at the same time, multi-tasking. Men on the other hand do 1 thing & think they did sooo much! HA!! If they even paid 1 millionth of a minute to what we really do, they would be amazed. They would never be able to keep up.

  7. Been there many times. LOL Thanks. I needed a chuckle today.

  8. I think we've all been there! So frustrating and yet you made me chuckle and think, yep, yep, yep I can totally identify! The only thing is you were wrong, you did get a lot done! Maybe not on your schedule for the day, but a lot accomplished! Did you ever get to craft?

  9. It sounds like how a lot of my days go ! I don't have any grown children (but wait, sometimes I think my husband fits into that category) .