Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Carmen's Double Door Album

I fell off the wagon again about posting on here! I wanted to share Carmen's Double Door Album from our challenge *okie won't mention that was almost two weeks ago* before I share our latest challenge, which was another album.

Carmen used a Basic Grey Sugar Rush on her album as well and to keep the front closed she used a Basic Grey magnetic closure for her book. I told her that I had planned on doing that with mine as well but couldn't find the closures. 

I think her pages came out brighter than mine did even though we used the same papers. It's amazing how moving papers around can give things a totally different look.

 I love the way she cut out titles for her pages. The thought of doing that never even crossed my mind!

I am not sure here but I am guessing maybe she used the Print and Cut feature on her Cameo. I can't wait to get my new Pazzles Vue to see if I can figure out PnC!

Instead of cutting mats for her photo placement she cut frames and I really like that idea as well.


This is probably my favorite page because of the camera and title!

I like how she added embellishment to the frames.

Personally I think a picture of Carmen and myself should go on this page! HA HA HA

We both talked about how we used almost used the full pack of the Basic Grey Sugar Rush and couldn't believe how much paper it took to complete the albums. We did think it was worth the sacrifice and Carmen said the challenge was good so we could use up some of our meager stash of supplies *okie wonders if anyone will believe that she or Carmen have a meager stash*.

Next I will be posting our last challenge we did which was a 6x6 mini album and I said we had to use Graphic45 papers. Oddly enough we both chose to use Le Cirque and didn't even know until we had started our albums!


  1. Beautiful album Carmen. Funny how even though you both used the same paper that the colors do look different. But beautiful just the same. I need to make one of these albums. They look fun.

  2. Awesome album Carmen. Thanks Okie for sharing it. I love the idea also of using frames..