Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stampin Up Happy Hour Set

I have loved the Stampin Up Happy Hour set ever since I first saw it but didn't get it for quite sometime, and then when I did it sat on my stamp shelf for a long time. I finally broke it out and started playing with it.

I love that the set has several little stamps - strawberry, citrus slice, umbrella, olive and holly leaves, so you can really make any kind of card you want and change it around quite a bit. There are a few sentiments included in the set as well that makes it a very versatile set.

I can't remember the designer paper I used for this one and I am too lazy to go look through my paper to find out.

One of the things I have always liked is a stamped image that is cut out but I am way too lazy to cut out each image, I have in the past and it gets tedious and boring. Using Make The Cut I made a file where I can now cut the images, use my Stamp-A-Ma-Jig to line up the stamps to the cuts and POOF, no hand cutting! I cut extra because it is still sometimes easy to slip and stamp the image incorrectly. 

You can see here where the glass, umbrella and lime have been cut and stamped. It doesn't show in this picture but the sentiment "Cheers" was cut and then stamped as well.

I have 5 more cards I will be posting in the next few days using the Happy Hour set. I am not sure why I make cards in sets like this but for me it just seems easier to stick to a theme and get quite a few done. I am starting to get my card boxes restocked now, thank goodness since my daughter has been giving my cards away! *okie wonders if investing in a gun cabinet with a secure lock and storing her cards in there might be a wise move*


  1. Shirley you just inspired me to make cuts for my stamps. I have the silhouette and i could do that with their program too. Thanks for the great idea! Love your card.

  2. Great idea! Thank you for sharing it !!!