Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tumbler Order - Part 1

I mentioned I had an order for 17 tumblers and to make it long and drawn out I am going to only post a few each day, yeah...I'm evil like that! HA HA HA

The first ones I am posting are the double wall mugs.My friend Carmen had sent me a few of these nice mugs and there were two older boys that I thought might like these instead of the regular tumblers. I used a football silhouette on one and then a soccer ball on another. I tried to get the images as close the names as I could so the shadows could be one piece.

These have handles on them but you can't see them because they are on the other side for picture purposes.

When my friend ordered these I had a ton of questions, I wanted all the names, ages, interests and school they attended. I tried to make each one personal to that information.

Download the files here




  1. Okie I know many years ago when tumblers became big, when you designed your image, you had to curve your images, names, etc. Do you do that or are they straight?

  2. Since I use Make The Cut I don't' have to worry about the curve. There is a conical warp feature that does the curve for you. You have to enter in the dimensions of the top, bottom and height of the object and the rest is just a click of the mouse and you have your curve.

  3. These look great! What a great feature to have with MTC. I have struggled getting my designs on my cups/glasses ect. Can't wait to see the rest of them.

  4. Thank You. It looks great!