Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Am Able To Prove

There is no such thing as too many crafting supplies!

Yesterday one of my clients at the ICF/MR came and asked if she could make a sympathy card instead of a birthday card for group today. I was so touched by the way she was expressing herself about her sadness for one of the staff members who lost a child to a drowning accident over the weekend and I told her I thought that was a fabulous idea. We were scheduled to make the cupcake birthday cards for today but after a lot of quick work last night we will be making sympathy cards that they can send to their very loved staff member.

I quickly realized that I am not use to working under pressure, nor do I like doing so, but I knew I needed to do this for my clients so they can express their caring to their staff.

Coming up with 12 different cards that needed to be alike was going to be a challenge for me. I didn't want all 12 to be exactly the same but they needed to assemble the same so the instructions can be clear and simple while we are doing the activity. I finally came up with a design I thought would work and my stamps that have been neglected were coming off the shelf. I can honestly say this is when having my stamps cataloged comes in handy! I was easily able to flip through and find the stamps I thought might work.

From the picture above you can see I used quite a few different inks, and boy was I glad I had so many colors to choose from! The use of the Stampin Up Color Wheel was a life saver since it saved a lot of time from trying to figure out what colors went together. I know Linda often thinks I am some kind of color genius but truth be told...I CHEAT! HA HA HA, but seriously...I do.

I went with a shape similar to the Stampin Up Top Note die and stamped each one differently. I did have to repeat some of the sentiments since I don't have a lot of sympathy ones. There will be 3 base colors, Chocolate Chip, Certainly Celery and Really Rust for the cards. The mats for the stamped images are So Saffron, Almost Amethyst and Mellow Moss...or at least something very similar.

I was able to use the Hallmark Card Studio software to print sentiments for the inside of the cards and luckily there were 83 to choose from in the sympathy category so each card will have a different sentiment on the inside.

I will make sure to take some pictures of their finished work and post for you guys to see and let you know how the did with this activity. I think it will be very therapeutic for them in several ways. 

When I was cleaning the tables off and putting stuff away that is when I realized how lucky I am to have so many supplies to choose from. If I didn't have all the stamps, ink pads, paper, etc at my disposal it would have taken a lot longer to figure out how to do these all differently but yet the same. So if anyone ever tells you "Hey you have too much stuff" then you just tell them "Nope, okie says there is no such thing as too much stuff and I believe her!".


  1. Okie, That was the kindest thing to do. It will make such a big impact on your clients. You are one of the kindest and most thoughtful person, I am happy to know you even if it is just over the internet.!!!

  2. I'm impressed! Getting that many different (but same) card kits ready in an evening is a big job. I'm sure your clients won't forget this activity.

  3. I totally agree!! My vast variety of supplies allows me to do spur of the moment projects all the time! (If I haven't hidden something from myself...LOL) I can't even imagine how many cards & layouts I could do even if I never purchased another stamp or sheet of paper...but I'll never know because I can't stop shopping! :)

  4. What an awesome group you have Shirley. How sweet of them to want to do this, and how great of you to accomodate their request at the last minute. This project is going to be something very special, both for the staff member and their loss, and also for your patients as they express their own emotions and sentiments.

    BTW ... love these cards, great images and colors. As you said, having a nice selection of supplies sure comes in handy ... but having the imagination and like you do is just as important.

    Another beautiful job!

  5. What a sweet and wonderful idea! Your group will have a way to express their feelings, and do a fun craft, as well. It's terrific that you were able to pull that all together so quickly. The bereaved parent will be so touched. BethAnn M.

  6. I have to totally agree with you and Abby above - it's not possible to have too much crafty stuff. I was thinking the other day that I could probably make thousands of cards with just what is in my scrapbook room right now (might need to buy adhesive though). That is a really scary thought - yet somehow I keep buying 'bargains' and keep making stuff.

  7. That was so nice of you! I'm sure they'll appreciate it, even though they may not know the amount of work that went into it.

    I love the stamps and color combos, too!


  8. You are such a sweetheart... love the colors you used. I agree with you there is no such thing as TOO MUCH STUFF. I love my stuff, hehehe

  9. Wow! That is the sweetest thing that I have heard in a long time. It is a Win-Win-Win. You get to use and teach, Your patients get "crafty-therapy" and a grieving person gets comfort!

  10. Although I don't have near the amount of supplies you do, nor do I do as much as you do, I agree .... one can NEVER have too many supplies. Thanks so much for your inspiration, Okie!!!

  11. How touching of you to help them create a unique and caring card for someone going through such a travesty. Although you are blessed to have so much talent and supplies they are doubly blessed to have you!! God Bless!

  12. such an awesome project for your group to do! your organization (which is inspiring lol) was a key ingredient in being able to accomplish so much in just one evening!