Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Busy Week - Files Coming Later This Week

I really don't have anything to post today. I did finish a layout this weekend that I need to get uploaded and share but I have been working on some designs for Valentine cards so I haven't gotten a chance to get the layout ready for post.Now that I have finished watching Merlin on Netflix I might be able to get more done as well!

I will be posting probably 4-5 card designs that you can download for Valentine card use. Of course if you don't want to make the cards you can still download the files and have the components for use in other projects.

This week is extremely busy for me. The gal that does the groups at the school is out for the week due to her father passing away so I am covering her groups plus still trying to get in a few individuals with the kids and also my regular schedule at McCalls in the afternoons. While this type of schedule is very mentally draining it also is something that gets my blood pumping. I guess it is the "can I do it without having a breakdown" type of thing. Luckily it is something I don't have to do very often and I know I can do it because I have in the past. The awesome thing is that I found that McCalls has wi-fi and they were nice enough to let me hook my laptop into their wi-fi. Since our paperwork is done in a database that requires internet this is going to save a lot of time not in my life but the life of the other counselors that go to McCalls and see clients.

But back to crafting! I did work on getting some cards cut last night and got part of them together. I am hoping to finish them tonight and get started on cutting some others...BUT *okie figures folks knew there was a BUT coming in there* I am not sure how well I will do since my Pazzles is suppose to arrive today! I am going to try and focus on my work with my clients and not think about the Pazzles *okie hopes folks knows she is kidding and that once she is in with a client that is her only focus*.

I will post tomorrow if I got the Pazzles hooked up and ready to cut!


  1. I hope ur machine comes tomorrow . Can't wait to see it. Did u post somewhere why you chose the puzzles machine. Just curious. I purchased a cameo silhouette but am intimidated to try it. Sorry ur so busy this week.

    1. I haven't done a post on the reasons for my decision but I plan on it LOL

  2. Good Luck with the busy week!! I can't wait to hear how you like the pazzles.

  3. Sounds like you are going to be busy this week. But I betcha you will find some timw somewhere to use your new toy!! :)

  4. Now all you need is an ice storm so school will be closed,you can't leave the house and you have to stay home and play with your Pazzles! Since you can use MTC, you'll be cutting paper as soon as you get it plugged in. Is this new machine going to prompt a complete reorganization of your craft room so you'll have just the right spot for it? LOL!

  5. Let us know if your Pazzles comes. And all about it. When you can. Sounds like you are gonna be a real busy lady at work so we will just have to bide our time till you can post.

  6. Can't wait to hear about the Pazzles! Hang in there this week, your clients are definitely blessed to have you in their lives. It takes a swesome person to be involved in that line of work, and you are definitely awesome Okie!

    Marilyn C.

  7. I am eagerly awaiting the post on how your pazzles works. Looking forward to the commentary.

  8. Hope your week goes well. Can't wait to hear all about the Pazzles. I know you will do great things with it.

  9. cant wait to see what you make with pazzles, so many machines out there.