Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Live In Hell...But, I Got A Squirrel!!

It has been hotter than blazes this week and I have been so drained that I haven't been crafting anything. It's even been too dang hot to try and reorganize anything!

I did start a layout for the weekly challenge in the Facebook group Old Cricut Community but haven't finished it yet. Oh if you are interested in joining us just click on the link above. We also have a weekly card challenge. We just started this in the group this week. But back to the hot was 106 the other day, then 109 on Tuesday and then a nice warm 114 yesterday *okie give a huge eye roll and just wonders how a fat girl is suppose to survive in this heat*. I am in and out of the building where I go see clients so I am drained when I get home and just want to lay around and try to stay cool. Even the pool is freakin hot right now UGH UGH UGH!

But now about my squirrel! So ya'll know I got a bit of a problem with my attention span and it is now a running joke with my friends. My friend Carmen and I will be on the phone and I guess I get distracted and she will holler "SQUIRREL". I have talked about this problem on Facebook as well as here so I guess quite a few people know about it now.

I got a message from my friend Margie aka bleedingcricutgreen, sent me a message asking if my cell phone had a jack for headphones. I told her it did but I never used it. She told me to watch my mail. I thought she was going to send me some kinda headphones but she sent something WAAYYYY better!! When I opened the envelope I admire the gorgeous tag and then I about fell out my dang chair laughing when I saw the little charm!!

I tell ya, Margie is a hoot! I have been familiar with Margie for a few years on the Cricut Messageboard but had the privilege of meeting her in person on the cruise. She is a totally awesome person and the only person more awesome is her mother who is a total hoot! *okie smiles thinking how blessed she is to have meet so many of her Cricut friends in person over the years and hopes she gets to meet more*.

Now tell me...HOW STINKIN CUTE IS THIS CHARM?? Do you honestly think I can put this on my cell phone? Well heck no! I will have to hang this in my craft room and always have a laugh when I see that squirrel dangling so innocently!

If you would like to check out some of Margie's other work you can see it at Create Your Heart Out.

Thank you so much Margie for taking the time to make me such an awesome and thoughtful gift!!


  1. That is awesome and just so funny!!


  2. Wowwee, are those actual temps or with the "heat index"?? It's not even that hot here in Florida :) But at least we have ocean breezes...come visit!

  3. So beautiful - what a lovely gift - and the charm is awesome:-)

  4. I love the tag its beautiful and the little squirrel is awesome!


  5. GORGEOUS TAG! And the Squirrel is way cute! LOL It's great to have good friends! :o) Sorry about the HEAT Okie.... I wish I had a way of bringing cooler air your way...