Saturday, July 28, 2012

Button and Small Flower Storage

I promised I would post my button and small flower storage today and thought I better get on it since it is already past time for my post to go live. I didn't get the post written up last night and scheduled so you guys are getting to have a cup of coffee with me this morning while I do this post. I am having my coffee with a bit of sweetener and some Hazelnut creamer...MMMMM! *okie hears someone ask about her mug* Yes! Those are ladybugs on there! I actually have this mug and another larger one that has one large ladybug on it, both were sent to me my crafting friends and I love them! I don't allow anyone else to drink out of my ladybug mugs!

Oh yes, we are talking button and small flower storage. I have went through several metamorphosis over the years with my button and flower storage...well with all my storage actually *okie figures her craftroom should be one ginormous azz butterfly with all the metamorphosis it has gone through over the last few years* but I think I am going to like this method the best for my buttons and storage. I got the idea from a crafting friend of mine when she posted hers on Facebook. I knew immediately this was something I wanted to do!

The containers are the Iris Photo Keeper and can be found at most craft stores. I had to order mine from Joann's when they were on sale and there was a free shipping offer.

I have my buttons and flowers by colors and have them in their own containers. I did have some of the colors together, such as red and orange, but after getting my candle jars back out and taking out the larger flowers I was able to separate the colors which makes it easier. I have them in the ROY G BIV, most of ya'll know I do most things in that order. 

I obviously need more purple buttons and flowers and a whole lot less green. I am not sure why I have so many green flowers other than when my friend closed her scrapbook store I was able to get bags of embellies for $2 a bag and I got a lot of green flowers and I don't use green flowers much.

It's a lot easier to sort through the items now and I like not having to dump a whole container on the table and then putting them back in. 

I can toss the flowers in the lid when I am sorting through them and then when I am done I close the lid and POOF the flowers are back in the container without me having to make a huge mess of flowers all over my table.

I have some of my large flowers in the containers and also some specialty flowers since I didn't have anything better to put them in right now. I plan on using some of the larger flowers and the ones in the bottom left hand corner on my cruise layouts whenever I get around to those.

I guess now that I have done some serious organizing it is time to do some crafting. It's suppose to be around 105 degrees today, much too hot to be in the sun in the pool so I figure it's a good day to craft!


  1. This is a good plan. I really need to do something different with mine, I have to search through everything every time I need something. Love your mug, btw.

  2. Thanks for sharing the idea! I went to Joann and was able to get them storage for 11.99 + 20% off today. Yay! I completely agree I will not miss making a big mess of colors:)