Thursday, April 28, 2011

Okay which one of you sneaky....AND THANK YOU

folks came in my craft room and took my cards I made? I made some cards using a set of Stampin Up stamps with a chocolate theme and now I can't find them! And I know I am not going crazy because I posted on Facebook about how if you have to color your stamp and then "huff" on it make sure you don't do it while watching TV or you will stamp your lip! *okie is so glad she was using water based markers*.

I have some cards from the class I took this past Saturday that I will be posting, a little Hedgehog card and also some gift bags. Now if I can make myself stop crafting long enough to take the pictures and write the posts!!

Now for the THANK YOU! I have to tell you how touched I was by the overwhelming response I got on my blog, emails, facebook and Cricut messageboard from people who recognized my layouts! It was just amazing how people could remember the layouts were mine, and I believe each one was correctly identified! Guess it goes to show that you guys do pay attention to my nonsensical ramblings! And thank you for that!


  1. UMMMMMMMMM - what did you just say?!?


  2. lol! Ok ok ok! I stole them! I can't believe you caught me :oP I will bend over now and you can spank me! lol! jk! Of course we pay attention Okie! You are just too fun and I love reading your blog! I told me husband about your layouts.. and he's like NO WAY, SHE MUST ME SO EXCITED! I'm like I KNOWWWWWWWWW!

  3. Welcome to my world. LOL!

    I lose stuff back here all the time.

  4. Do you actually think I do a "DRIVE BY" When I come here??? HUMMM... NOOOO I've told ya before I enjoy your ramblings! LOL And of course your PROJECTS!!! ALL of them! As soon as I seen those LO's I Knew they were yours.... and they were all amazing as I have said before.... :) Now go find those Cards before I Take them! tehehehehe :)

  5. Check Linda's blog. Maybe she took them and posted them there.

  6. heee heee don't ya just love a mystery to solve:) If it were me I would have to remember to look in the most obivious place and there those cards would be. Love your layouts and posts. My day is not complet without checking if you have a new post. Love your humor. lol Kathy
    mskathywmu4 at cox dot net

  7. Well it wasn't me but I would love to steal some of your creations. Your work is fabulous!

  8. I've noticed from the post above this one that you've found your cards. I'll tell you that if I were there to take your cards, you'd have met me...we'd have gone shopping or something.
    Of course we read your ramblings...why would you think any different?! They are as much fun as your projects are inspiring! TFS!
    Carol aka cyimbugbitten
    bugbitten at hotmail dot com