Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Menial Task Friday Evening

Yesterday when I woke up I had thought I might make something with my new toys. I didn't have any clients scheduled for the afternoon so the idea starting on crafting early sounded fabulous! WRONG! I got a crisis call around 4pm. Those things can really put a damper on your plans.

So with my original plans shot I decided I better take care of some menial tasks. First I dotted my ProMarkers *okie figures some people are scratching their heads thinking "WTH"*.

I, following the lead of Enfys, got some small dot stickers to put on the caps of my markers. I had to borrow a punch from my friend Linda because I couldn't find dots small enough. I colored each dot and stuck it on the lid of the marker. It will be a lot easier to grab what I am needing.

I also took another little piece of advice from Enfys and used a dot of Glossy Accents on the back of the dot to make sure it stays in place. It took awhile to rub the excess off my fingers but all the time and energy *okie thinks it really didn't take much energy to sit on her butt and do this* is worth it!

I have been wanting the Define Your Life stamp from Stampin Up for like three years and finally got it. Well it is a wood mounted set and doesn't come in the clear mount so I had to put those stamps on my cling mount foam. There are a lot of stamps in that set!! *okie looks to see how many heads are bobbing counting the stamps in the set and cracks up laughin* But once again, well worth the time and effort to have it done!

Once I got my menial tasks done I thought I would punch some scallop circles out of a book I got from the libary. WAIT! *okie holds up a hand to to shush anyone who is fixin to yell at her* The library had a book sale recently and the ones that were left over were put on a table in the lobby for people to take for free, that is how I got the book. I did NOT just go get a book and destroy it.

I really like these flowers and they are so easy to make. I don't know how many I punched! I was on the phone with my friend Carmen, aka ScrapperDelighted, as I was doing this and told her it would take awhile. Between the two of use we figured maybe I could punch more than one at a time. I was able to punch 3 pages at a time. I might have been able to do 4 but I didn't want to press my luck. I think I need a smaller scallop circle punch, maybe a 1 1/4 or something, if they make one of those. But this will do for now.

I used Tim Holtz Vintage Photo distress ink on the edges, applied with the spongy applicator thing *okie thinks that spongy applicator thing probably is the technical term for the tool*. I thought the pearl brads make great centers for the flowers. I am gonna have to get some more of those brads now!

Don't forget that tomorrow night is the deadline to enter the FABULOUS USED GIVEAWAY.


  1. That Enfys is brilliant! Very clever!

    Love those flowers! When are you sending me a set? :)

    BTW....stop over and see my JIMINY CRICKET CARD!!!!


  2. I'm laughing at your comment about destroying a book...I haven't been able to do this yet. I'm thinking I can used old phone books, etc. but have a hard time using a real book. I won't get on anyone's case for doing it, I just can't do it myself.
    I've been wanting the definition stamps for as long as you have...someday. I just need to quit putting things on my wishlist so they can make it to the top. ;)

    Carol aka cyimbugbitten
    bugbitten at hotmail dot com

  3. i LOVE those flowers! how did you get the ends to curl?

  4. I LOVE the flowers!! I am going to have to dig through my bookcase to see if there is a book that I am willing to cut up. Thanks Okie for another great idea.

  5. very cute! and the markers were definitely time consuming? I think i need to try the flowers like this.. what sizes are your punches for this?

  6. I did the same thing with the define your life set but yours looks a lot neater. What is that box you have your markers in? I know Enfys has one and I forget what she said it is. That is great. Your flowers are wonderful. I had those pearl brads in my hand today and didn't get them. I spent too much anyway. I like using my Cricut and the Mother's Day Bouquet for flower.

  7. You've been a busy bee (as usual). I love the idea of dotting the markers for easier identification. Your flowers are great too. I love that look. I'll have to check out my local library! Thanks for sharing.

  8. hope I'm not late.Dang laptop broke and I'm going thru withdrawls.
    There are 147 colors and 1 blender so 148 all together.
    Water based ink works the best
    There are 44 used markers and 2 cases to hide them in. I really don't want to share.
    Mu favorite project is Hi cupcake, I really can't resist them. Don't like sharing these either.
    Okie is so awesome because she makes me laugh, shares info about great deals, and since she's giving away her used markers, maybe some of that talent would rub off, and I can't think of a better birthday present!

  9. What a great way to store your markers. Love those book flowers. They do make a 1 1/4 punch by EK Success. I got mine at Joanne's. Thanks for giveing us great ideas.

  10. Shirley - here is another suggestion for you!!! I cut out multiples on my Expression - they cut great! I use an old school book. For those with an imagine - the print very pretty too!!


  11. I hope everything is ok about that call. I the flowers! I always learn so much from you okie.......thank you.

  12. Would you give me more info on what you did with your stamps. just got a bunch of sale stuff from my SU lady and some of them are wooden stamps. I don't want to put them on the wooden blocks!!! They are to hard to clean that way... am I crazy or is there another method to use these stamps effectively?

    Ideas, thoughts . . . ..


  13. Love the way that you have organized your Promarkers, stamps and also I love those flowers. An old book --- GREAT idea. I use some of my 'don't need' music sheets for music paper on my cards and layouts. I tear the paper, distress it, crumple it and then lightly distress on the top of the tops of the crumple paper. I am going to have to use your idea of old books pages.

  14. Your flowers are awesome. I might have to try that. Did you put all the little dots on my marker set too that you're going to be sending me when I win?? Thank you so much! That's SO sweet of you. See -- there's another reason why I think you're so awesome!!

  15. Oh!!!!! Maybe if I am LUCKY I will have the opportunity to punch little dots and put them on the end of the markers that I want to win from you!!! :)

    Actually, I was posting to say how lovely your flowers are. Thank you for showing them to all of us.

  16. The flowers are cute Okie but I almost fell outta my chair because at first I thought they were over easy eggs, lol

  17. The idea of useing color dots on your markers is such a good one ( sounds like something Envis would come up with and she is so good to share). Love Love Love your flowers. I have thought about doing something like this myself (try to find some book that is just hanging by a thread maybe at a yard sale). You always inspire and tickle me so Okie.

  18. oh i'd so love to win but, i guess everyone would.
    thanks for considering me for the win. :)