Monday, March 21, 2011

Everytime I am going to craft....


Like this evening for instance...I had planned on picking out some papers to finish the last of the set of four Betsy Bluebell cards but that got interrupted when I went to go let Lucy back in the house. I looked out and on a branch of my apple tree was a light yellow bird. Well there are no light yellow birds around here, at least not natural habitat. I walked out toward the tree and saw it was a parakeet! I ran back in the house and grabbed the camera to take a few pictures.

I wanted to save the parakeet from the wild and I tried luring it with some bread. I tried asking God for help. I even tried using a piece of mesh to catch it, but it was not to be. I chased it down the alley but then it flew too fast and too high for me to catch it. Of course trying to chase a parakeet down a gravel alley barefooted isn't always the best way to catch a bird. I hope it finds a safe place to stay! If it would come back here I would give it a loving home. I tried telling it that but it didn't listen *okie really wishes she could speak parakeetese*.


  1. Oh I wish you could have gotten the little guy. :-(

  2. Poor little thing. We had one when i lived with my parents, and it lived for 20 years. Thats old. Thank you for trying to get him.

  3. Poor little bird-- but I gotta be honest, I pictured you chasing it down barefoot and really cracked up.
    It looks healthy, so, it is likely to find its way home. Keep us posted.

  4. Oh Okie I will pray it finds it's way home or to a new home. Would love to see a video of you chasing a parakeet. lol
    mskathywmu4 at cox dot net

  5. WOW ... Okie running down a gravel alley in her bare feet, trying to catch a parkeet, sounds like a Kodak Moment to me!

    Just you wait, Okie ... that pretty yellow critter just might return, as I suspect you speak better "parakeetese" than you think you do! *wink*

    Thanx for sharing this fun story and the pics of your pretty bird!


  6. Such a pretty bird. I hope he finds his way home too. You did all you could.

  7. crack me up!!!! Wish I lived near you, think we could be good friends!

  8. Amazing! What a fun time you have Okie. This is an amazing story with pictures!