Monday, March 28, 2011


Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on a sale!

I checked the Staples ad online yesterday and noticed that they had the invitation envelopes on sale for $5 a box. There are 100 in the box so that makes the envies about a nickel a piece. I try to stock up when they go on sale but I haven't seen them on sale in quite a while. I was glad to see them since I was starting to get low on my A2 envies!!

I stopped by Staples today and picked up 6 boxes. I should be set for a little while!! I did grab two boxes of the ivory but they told me those weren't on sale, which I thought was totally asinine since they were the same price. But oh well, it's not my store so guess I can't set the price.


  1. Awesome, thanks for sharing that info.

  2. Thanks Okie, you're the best! I'll be stopping by Staples tomorrow.

  3. Bummer! I just checked online today and I must have missed the sale ... they were $10.99 a box today. Glad you got them when you did! Next time I will have to be quicker!

  4. My Staples still has them on sale today. I just picked up two boxes. Thanks for the info on the sale.