Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well Behaved Women....

I just finished up another set of Diva Va Voom cards. Well okay I am not completely done with them all because I lost one of my champagne flutes! Not sure where that thing went to. I asked Lucy if she saw it and she just lifted her head up off the recliner and looked at me like "you silly woman I am a dog, I can't work a Cricut". Although I am not sure but I think I noticed a slight ornery gleam in her eye.

I think the color choices might be a little bold but it is what I am stuck with since it is all taped down now! Now be honest if you don't like my color choices because I went out on a limb here and put the colors together myself. That's heard me....I chose them myself without the use of a color wheel! *okie stands boldly with hands on hips as to challenge anyone who doesn't believe her*. I do have to admit it took me awhile to choose the colors and I did try to pick up colors that were in the image. Over all I think they worked out pretty good.

I will stamp or print something for the inside but not sure what right now.

I used a Versamark pad to stamp the little shoe on the turquoise paper. The sentiment is a Stampin Up stamp. The champangne flute is from the Wedding cartridge. The bubbles are Fiskar Zings. I am rather sad since I am almost out of these round ones. I still have quite a few of the tear drop shaped ones that I like to use for raindrops.

I was going to take the night off tonight and not do any crafting but I just couldn't resist doing another one of the Diva's! Maybe I will take the night off tomorrow.....maybe.......


  1. I love the colors. They are perfect for the sentement (always loved that one) and for the Diva! Good job - you don't need no color wheel!

  2. Really cute card - and I LOVE the colors! I think that sentiment was said by one of my all time favorite actresses- Kathryn Hepburn - and she's so right! TFS!

  3. These cards have been just awesome - thank you for sharing.

  4. The bold colors are PERFECT for this card! It is just too cute.

  5. You've sure been busy! I must have forgotten to check your blog for only a week (sorry), and there's LOADS of new cards and projects on here! As usual - I love them all!

  6. The red and teal, magnificent!, yellow, perfect!, purple, great!... the problem is with the choice of pattern paper for the purple...maybe a polka dotted paper instead of that particular pattern??
    Okie?! you did ask for honest opinion!... don't go on throwing a shoe at me....
    Love, Gaby

  7. This came out soooo stinkin' CUTE!!! :)

  8. I agree w/ Gaby re. the purple. A polka dot complement to the pants may be an option. Love, love, love everything else about it. Great sentiment, perfect teal shoe paper for the image.