Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet Treats Thursday! Back 2 School!

It is time for Sweet Treats Thursday once again at the Cuttlebug Challenge! The theme for this week is Back To School. My fellow designers have come up with some awesome projects so make sure to check those out!

For my project I chose to do something for a dorm room since my daughter starts college in the fall and has decided to live in the dorms. I am excited and a little sad about it all. She already knows who her room mate will be so I did include her room mate in the project as well. I thought they could always use a dry erase board and some cork boards on their walls. I went with a music theme for the items because the girls are music crazy! My daughter was very excited about the boards and even sent a picture to her future room mate who was also excited *okie thinks to self...SCORE!*

Supplies used-
Cricut Cartridges - Hannah Montana, Home Decor
Vinyl - black
Crayola holographic paper
Dry Erase board (purchased at Staples)
Cork board (purchased at Staples)

On the dry erase board I used the music note font from the Hannah Montana cartridge and also I used Home Decor for the swirls. I thought the music note font would be good with NOTES written for the top. I cut some very small notes to put on the magnets. I cut the layer hearts out of holographic paper and glued on top of the vinyl hearts.

You can see the magnets a bit better in this picture and see how I cut the notes under 1" so they could be put on there to carry on the theme.

The writing area of this board measures approximately 10x10 inches so there isn't a lot of space but there is enough to write on. And if I remember correctly there isn't a lot of wall space in a dorm room anyway. Well at least once you get your bed and dresser and other items set up!

I have to be honest and tell you that I did have some difficulty with the NOTES and luckily my fellow DT member Capadia had a great tutorial on how to make those letters work and be one. If you are having problems and need help with this one please see Capadia Designs for the tutorial!

For the corkboards I used the star font from the Hannah Montana cartridge. I cut the blackout layer from holographic paper and then the top layer with black vinyl. I really liked that there were music notes with stars on them so they matched the names on the cork boards. The vinyl stuck really well on the cork board but for the names I did have to use Zip Dry glue on the back since it was the holographic paper. I swear that Zip Dry glue will make anything stick!

Here is a close up of my daughters name so you can see the holographic paper better.

I was able to purchase the boards on sale at Staples for half price and if I remember correctly it was about $4 or $5 for the dry erase board and the same for the set of 4 cork boards.

I think this project would be great in the ol' craft room as well!!

I hope you enjoyed my project for this go around and until the next Sweet Treats Thursday...CRAFT ON!


  1. This is a cute project. Love the music notes.

  2. Awesome projects. Their dorm room will be the BEST decorated one there!

    Really a wonderful creative project! I think you will be copied MANY times on this, my friend!

  3. this is cute! greeat idea. i made magnetic boards that i got the idea off yt, and i covered sheet metal 5x7 with dp and added a small pc of cork and some just a square of dry erase . punch holes for ribbon for hanging. i also did some with a postit note pad on them

  4. Love it! I plan to do something similar for my daughter - she leaves this fall for college too! Thanks for the fab idea :o)

  5. What fantastic projects for the girls' room!! And, yes, I remember being happy AND sad when our kids first went off to college - they grow up way too fast don't they?

    Hang tough! It will get better!

  6. These are awesome!! Love the music notes! Just perfect for collage teens!!! :)

  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I have this cartridge and had NO IDEA that this only welds right with Design Studio! Thanks for sharing Capadia's! I was so bummed when my project didn't cut right. My DS is going away to school this year too...and I got him a board from Target...mebbe I can "music" it up for him too, since he & his roomie are both Music Business majors.

  8. Very cool, I love how those turned out!

  9. These are awesome, Okie!! Love these ideas, Thanks

  10. These are so cute! I was excited to see what you were going to make with HM, since you posted a question on how to use it the other day on the MB. You're so talented!

  11. Pretty and useful. In the dorm she'll use this a lot.

  12. What an awesome idea for a college student. I love the notes one. Thanks for sharing.

  13. What a great idea & super cute! I'm sure you're daughter will love it!

  14. Wonderful project and thanks for the link for help.

  15. What a cool project. Your daughter and her roommate will be the envy of the dorm. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Great project! The other students will be jealous when they show up with those.

  17. Okie!

    FANTASTIC project! Your daughter and her roommate will have the coolest room in the dorm with all the cool stuff you're making them!!

    GREAT job, as always!!

  18. What a sweet thing for your daughter's dorm room!