Thursday, December 25, 2008

The spirit of giving at Christmas

I wanted to share this with you guys on this Christmas day.

When my DD turned 8 years old she had gotten birthday money from relatives, she had a total of about $40. We went to Wal-Mart so she could spend her birthday money. I had decided we would go to McDonalds to get a bite to eat first. There was an Angel Tree in front of the McDonalds there in Walmart.

My DD asked what it was and I explained to her that it was for children whose parents couldn't afford to buy them Christmas gifts. I told her let's go eat and she continued to look at the names on the tree.

She grabbed my hand and said "Mom look, this little girl only wants some clothes and a barbie doll". I think she thought it impossible that a child would want mostly clothes.

I looked and noticed the only toy on there was a Barbie, I think the child's age was about 5.

My DD looked up at me and said "Moma would it be okay if I spent my birthday money on this angel?"

I couldn't speak. I was fighting tears, as I am now typing this. My DD looked at me and said "I won't Moma if you are gonna be upset". I told her "hang on a minute" as I continued to fight back the tears. I knew I would just bust out crying if I said much more. After I composed myself I told her "baby if you want to spend your birthday money on this little angel then I will match you dollar for dollar".

We went to eat and my daughter kept looking over the list of items from the angel she had pulled off the tree. After we got done she was so excited to go and buy for this little girl. I did as I promised and matched dollar for dollar, plus another $20 because DD thought the little girl needed somethings to go with her barbie doll that she picked out for the little girl. My DD even said "you don't have to buy me anymore gifts Mom, just spend it on her. Santa will bring me stuff anyway".

We got the shopping done and took it to Customer Service where my DD informed the lady to "make sure it is wrapped pretty". My DD spent every last dime of her birthday money that day on someone else.

I can honestly say that on that day I had never been more proud of my child and still am to this day for her unselfish act of giving up her birthday money to make sure some little girl got her Christmas wishes.


  1. What a heart this little one has! I cried when I read proud you must be!

  2. This brought tears to my eyes too. Your daughter is something to be proud of. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. You raised your daughter well. That is the true spirit of Christmas. God Bless you and your Daughter. Merry Christmas Shirley (Okie).


  4. {{{hugs}}} to your DD for being so beautiful inside and out. Thank you for one of the sweetest Christmas stories I've ever heard. I need to get a tissue now...

  5. Shirley, how proud you must be of your daughter... What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it. You have done well. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas

  6. I work for a child protection agency that uses those McDonald's trees that depends on the generosity of people just like you and your daughter. I think it is so important to instill in children at a young age a sense of selflessness. It is just proof that you are doing a good job as a mother.

    I have had the wonderful opportunity to pass out those gifts to the families on the trees. They are so thankful that words cannot express how they feel. I promise that your daughter not only impacted you with her gift but the spirit of that family too.

  7. the branch dosen't fall 2 far from the tree! You set a fine example and we on the MB love you oh so much. Thank You for all that you do for us. Your talent's are endless and you are never too tired to help. We love ya gf!

  8. big big hug for you DD, wow what a great, loving girl you have.
    She made that little girl very Happy.
    These things realy warm your heart.
    I think the idea of the tree and the angels is grea.

    Take care Linda from Holland

  9. What a beautiful story, sounds like you are raising a sweet angel yourself.


  10. I LOVE this beautiful...and what a memory. You and your children...even though years have passed...are WONDERFUL and true examples of how we all should live...

    Blessings to you and yours!!


  11. What a wonderful story! You have raised your daughter well. I'm sure that little girl from the angel tree had the best Christmas ever thanks to your daughter. Thank you for sharing.

  12. What a wonderful girl and mom too! thank you for sharing this story!

  13. OK I'm sitting here crying all over my pizza. It is a touching story. So often we here about all the bad things going on in this world. It so inspiring to hear such a sweet story.

  14. OK I'm sitting here crying all over my pizza. It is a touching story. So often we here about all the bad things going on in this world. It so inspiring to hear such a sweet story.

  15. That's beautiful! You should be so proud that you've done something right with her! What an amazing young lady!

  16. Wow...that is such a touching story. Children are always amazing, but they can be extraordinarily amazing at the least expected moments. Good girl you have there!

  17. Waaaaaaaaaaaa!! <--me crying. What a great story

  18. Your story brought tears, it is amazing that children learn generosity so fast. I am reminded of a few years ago when my daughter called to say that she (age 21 or so) had just done a full hair cut and color for free on a lady that just came to live with relatives in our town after having lost everything in Katrina. Yes - she brought tears to my eyes as well, this was a girl who always had the "what's in it for me?" attitude (don't most that age have that attitude?). She grew by leaps and bounds that day -- in fact the next year she lead the salon in the Brest Cancer 3 day walk and raised all kinds of money.
    thanks for some cut files --- i now have to open them to see if i have the carts or not -- unfortunately I don't have George.