Friday, December 5, 2008

Guests have arrived!

Well at least the airport guests! HA HA HA The party is tomorrow night and still have tons of things to do to get ready, but today is a day for least for a few hours. We are having a great time so far!!

Thought I would post a picture of us that was taken at Wal-Mart last night. I asked some lady who was lookin at bread to take a picture of us.
This is me, Scrappinbee, ScrapperDelighted and my BFF Karen that I talk about frequently. As you see we had to make a trip to Sonic before Wal-Mart LOL.


  1. What a fun group!! Love the sonic trip - hope you had some cherry limeaide for me!

  2. O wow wish I could be there to.. Looks like so much FUN!!! I want to see every thing all make PLEASE..:O)

  3. Okie, I would like to order the Bug decal but cannot find your email address in your profile. Plz send me a paypal request for bug with outline at

  4. It looks like you are in for a fun weekend!! Enjoy your friends! Its nice to have a group that can make the time to get together over the busy holidays :)

  5. Hi Okie,

    Looks like a great group! Hope you have a great time!!

    I love your blog and your work!! I have nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award that I received myself yesterday. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!! Details are on my blog at