Saturday, December 13, 2008

About the Holly Border card.......

I have had a few questions about the HOLLY BORDER card. And thought I would give more clear instructions for this. It seems this one is a favorite of my readers.....and a favorite of mine also!!

Anyway I took some screen shots and will give explanation why and how I did the mats the way I did.

Here is a screenshot of the full card. Now to avoid cutting the whole mat in your base color you can do the following. Use a piece of cardstock at 6 inches to about 9 inches. Lay it on the mat where the card will cut, using your grid lines on your mat as your guide. Now cut a piece of cardstock for the Holly leaves at 6 inches and 2 inches wide. This way the items cut at the same time.

If you are wanting to cut the mats only then cut 2 pieces of cardstock at 6x5 inches and place them on the mat as shown, using your gridlines on your mat as your guide. Then cut a piece of cardstock for the holly at 6 inches by 2 inches, again using gridlines as a guide. The whole mat will cut at once and it will save time.

Hope this clears up any questions. I sometimes get so excited about posting things that I forget to give clear instructions. NO OKIE DIDN'T MAKE A MISTAKE...she was just trying to test your Cricut knowledge. *that is okie's story and she is stickin to it!*


  1. You are sooo sweet, I don't care what they say about you... LOL.. (I am only kidding, they don't say anything.) Wonderful instructions.

  2. Wow! You've been busy! I hadn't stopped by to visit for a while and now I find a ton of files, thank you! You are very creative and talented!


  3. I love your Holly Card. Beautiful deisgn. I downloaded it. TFS. Lisa

  4. Beautiful Card! Thanks for sharing the .cut file.

  5. Love your Holly Card - just cut out three, on my way to 45 Christmas cards. Did have a little problem with the holly cutting sharp corners but trimmed them w. the scissors - they are beautiful workmanship, thank you. rosie