Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cricut Car Decal

Okay here are the pictures!! The overall measurements for the head are approx 4 in x 4.25 in.

This one is with the black shadow. The plastic film over the decal is the release tape. All decals will have release tape to make application easier. I will include instructions with each decal. Also if you have words you want they will also be in release tape. I was orignially going to weld the words to the head but thought some folks might want them to the side or on top or bottom. With the release tape you can put the words where you like so it gives you some freedom with that.

This picture is the plain version. Of course it will have release tape also, just didn't include it in this picture. Tried to get a clear shot. Wish the pictures were a little better but my camera is acting up on me!

Now for ordering information.
  • If you want to order a decal please email me, in the subject line it is very important that you put CRICUT DECAL ORDER so I know that is what the email is for and it doesn't get lost.
  • In the order email please specify which decal you are wanting. If you are wanting words please specify the words. Also I can do "I heart my Cricut" *a heart emblem, not sure how to post it here like that...HA HA HA* with a red heart if you wish. This will also be $9.00.
  • Specify if you want your words shadowed or not.
  • Wording will be on release tape also but will be separate from the decal so you can place the words where ever you like.

Prices are as follows and include shipping and handling. International orders will need to add $1.00 to the total price:
Decal plain $7.00
Decal with shadow $7.50
Decal with words of your choice $9.00

PAYPAL INFORMATION - if you are paying with Paypal please do NOT send payment until I send you an invoice for your decal. Also make sure to include your Paypal id so I can send the invoice to the correct place. I will not cut your decal or ship until your payment is clear.

MONEY ORDER INFORMATION - If you are paying by money order I will email you a form for you to print and fill out to mail to me with the money order. Once your order is received I will cut and ship your decal.

Okay think that is all.......if I think of more I will let ya'll know!! *HA HA HA HA*


  1. Okie these are WONDERFUL!!! I will be ordering one soon!

  2. Emailing you now for an order form.

  3. Wow Okie!! You rock! these are too cool!!! :)

    Plus you've been tagged!!! Check out my blog here...

  4. Awesome as always Okie! I love your stuff!! :)

    I will also be ordering one soon!


  5. awww heres soo cute!!!!

    you have been tagged see my blog for details :P

  6. I'd LOVE one of these PLEASE but I can't find your email address to order one????

  7. I would like to order one but I can not find your email.

  8. I want to order a decal also..but also can't find your email.

  9. I hope you are still offering these.. I may need more, PLUS I linked to you from my blog, and what I used mine for.. :)