Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Grand Madison Arch Window Card

I have seen the window dies used on quite a few projects when I do Google searches for ideas and I have always loved most everything I have seen but until now I didn't have any of the dies to make such things and when I saw window dies in one of the bags I was thrilled!

Supplies Used:

Memory Box Dies -
   Grand Madison Arched Window, Flower Mound, 
   Swirly Tree
Stampin Up Punches -
   Modern Label, Word Window
Clear Transparency Sheet
Various cardstock and paper

I usually see cards that it makes it look like you are looking into a window and I wanted to try something where it looks like you are looking out of the window and I came up with this card. I think I am going to have to step beyond my comfort zone of A2 size cards for some of these dies because of their size and it not leaving a lot of room for embellishing or sentiments. 

You can't tell in the picture but behind the window frame I cut some clear transparency so it would look like the window has glass and in person it looks pretty cool *okie hopes people's imaginations are good enough that they can vision what she is talking about*. The hardest part about this card was gluing the tree. I love the fine detail and flourish the dies can give but dang it that gluing down is a pain, but I guess worth it since I keep using them! I can't remember what the little bird is from but I know it is from a die and I'm too lazy to turn around and grab my dies and look for it right now. 

Tomorrow's card is my favorite of the die cards I have done so make sure to stay tuned!


  1. I have a window die, but not this one. It was one of those dies I NEEDED but I've yet to use it. I need to pull it out and use it! I've always envisioned looking out the window as well. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  2. You should try Stick-It adhesive sheets when using small detailed cuts.

  3. Beautiful card! For my fine die cuts (especially words) I use either Sizzix adhesive sheets or Stick-It adhesive sheets. So much easier than using glue.

  4. I have a different window die too. It is one that allows the window panes to open ... and as mentioned by Gina, above, mine also has not yet been used. It's always been my intention to make a Christmas card that shows a scene from the inside of the home, with a decorated Christmas Tree on the side with a few gifts under it ... and have an image of Santa in his sleigh pulled by his reindeer (another die I have) on a snowy Christmas Eve. Your lovely card has inspired me to pull those dies out and use them. Maybe if I start now, I'll actually have them made by Christmas! (*wink*) Thanx for the inspiration Shirley!

  5. I've looked at a lot of window does but I've not purchased one yet. I like the look.

  6. Love the card! I hear you about intricate cuts. I use spray adhesive. I keep a large shoe box by my desk and lightly spray in that. You do need ventilation but most of the projects that I have done only require 2 small bursts and done.
    Love the envelope glue recipe!!!
    Thanks fro bloging again.I don't do facebook.