Friday, January 9, 2015

Put a Nipple On That Bottle!

First off let me apologize to all the mothers out there who have babies on bottles. There will apparently be a shortage of silicone nipples starting for the rest of the story.

My friend Linda posted a Youtube video NO PLUG GLUE TOPPERS FOR PAPERCRAFTING in the OCC group on Facebook with this fabulous idea of how to keep your glue bottles from clogging and of course after watching I knew I had to try it! The premise of the idea is that you use a silicone baby bottle nipple and it keeps the glue from drying out, which is one of my pet peeves, and also allows you to apply a thin line or thick line of glue. I generally have to dig out the glue from my Scotch Quick Dry because of this and I also hoard the old style bottle because it has the smaller tip *okie wonders what freakin idiot decided to change the bottle tip and would like to give that person a HUGE smack upside the head* and the new bottles have a tip that, well to be honest, isn't worth a chit because it is just too big!

After watching the video I made plans to stop by Dollar Tree, as my friend Pat mentioned that they carried the said nipples, the next day and pick up a package. My Dollar Tree indeed had them and there were 3 nipples in the package. It is suggested that you look for the 0-3 month silicone nipples but the ones I got were marked 0-3 years. The opening of the nipple needs to be small. I knew I already had mounting foam *okie wonders how many watched the video and how many are scratching their heads right now wondering why the heck okie would need mounting foam* so I didn't need to get any of that. Okay, for those that are wondering about the mounting foam, it is to wrap around the top of the bottle so the nipple will stay on, actually you wrap twice around the top of the bottle.

It didn't take long to replace the tips with the mounting foam and nipples but my skepticism was more about how it would do to keep the contents from drying out and being easily usable for the next time. Since I did these yesterday I couldn't wait to get up and try them out this morning to see if the glue dried out or not.

I thought I better use a black piece of cardstock so the lines would show up clearly and as you can see from the photo it worked great! I just wiped the tip of each nipple with my finger to get rid of the dried dot at the top, it is suggested you leave a small dab to help the glue from drying out, and it was good to go. How much glue you get depends a lot on how much pressure you use and how fast you move to make your line. I actually think it is easier to make more uniform sized dots with the gloss accents, which is on the left in the picture, and it was easy to get different sizes. Also one thing I noticed is that when I was doing dots with the Scotch Quick Dry there was a larger dot at the end of the nipple but I was able to just dab the end to the paper for very small dots...that will be extremely handy!

Now I need to see if there are any other adhesives hanging out at my house that need nipples! If you are tired of your glue drying out then just put a nipple on that bottle!


  1. This is the best idea since sliced bread!!!!! Love it!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I watched that video, too, and plan to get some nipples this weekend. Hope they're not all sold out. LOL

  3. Very fascinating! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I saw that video, too. Happy to say it works. Dried up glue in the tip was one of my peeves, too!

  5. I was amazed too when I saw Laura's video on using silicone baby nipples on the glue bottles. But it is genius! I think there is going to be a shortage of silicone baby nipples due to crafter's buying them up. lol Hugs, Brenda

  6. I saw the video a couple of weeks ago and bought some nipples. I already had the foam tape, too. I had troubles getting the glue out. So I'm wondering if I might need a little bigger hole. I was testing my quick dry glue and my nipple came off dumping a huge mess of glue on my mat (what a mess!!). I haven't had a chance to go back and play with all of my liquid glue, but am interested to see what happens when I do! BTW... I am so glad you are back blogging again. Yours is one of my favorites.

  7. WOWZA WOW!!! what creative I run to the dollar store...TFS

  8. I can't wait to try this! Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. This has always frustrated me about my Glossy Accents . I'll have to try to find the video. Thanks for the info!
    Anna N.