Saturday, January 10, 2015

Inventory and Organization - Punches!

So a lot of you know that I have an addiction problem, okay I'm likely addicted to many things, but organizing has to be one of my favorite addictions. There is just something about having things in their proper place that makes me happy! I still need to get my closet in my craftroom organized better but that is for another day *okie thinks week is more like it*. What I have been working on is my punch inventory, paper inventory and organization and updating my embossing folder inventory and organization.

I will start out with my punches first since that is what I did first. Back in 2007 when I got my first Cricut, the baby bug, I would see people post about paper punches and I thought to myself "well I have a machine that cuts paper...I don't need no stinkin punches!" and I will admit that smug attitude didn't last long after I got my first Stampin Up punch. What I learned about punches is that they are readily available, easily portable, quick and can use the most minuscule of scraps accurately...something my Cricut wasn't capable of doing. And so began my love affair with punches!

Before I moved I was always able to keep track of what punches I had because they were on a wall and I could quickly look and see what I had but during my move I had to make a Stampin Up order and all my punches were boxed up for the move which lead to me accidentally ordering a punch I already owned. This little experience made me think I should really have an inventory I can quickly refer to with the name and company that makes the punch. As for the duplicate punch, luckily my friend Carmen didn't have that one and it is now added to her collection.

I made a file in Microsoft Excel and now have all my punches listed alphabetically, size if needed, and company that sells the punch. I did have to ask on Facebook if anyone knew the names of a couple of them because I didn't remember and couldn't find the name. Of course within no time I had the answers I needed. I did add a preface to some of the names such as Butterfly and Christmas that you can see in the picture but also with edge punches, which are in the list but not the picture.

This is a screen shot of the file in Excel. I am sharing the file if you would like to edit it and make your own but remember you will need Microsoft Excel for the file to open and work.


Here is a picture of part of my punches. I made labels for the ones I wanted names on so I can see what it is and compare it quickly to my list. I didn't label the obvious ones like the basic shapes.It will be nice to have the name as well for when I make projects and use a particular punch and want to post it in a supply list.


  1. How awesome is this!!!!! Great idea!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are amazing. Thank you for the master list. My new year resolution is to be more organized.

  3. This is a great idea Shirley! I think we all have bought a duplicate of something and thus is why we need a spread sheet to be better organized. lol Your amazing with your organizational skills! Hugs, Brenda

  4. Thanks for sharing. I have list and most of my scrapping supplies organized. I have a zillion punches (as I use them as much as my cricut) but I have yet to make a list of all of them. I've duplicated a couple of times only which is amazing. LOL. But you have motivated me to make that list. Have a great week.

  5. A spreadsheet, what a great idea! I will have to work on that, thank you!

  6. I think you and I are very similar when it comes to organizing our crafty stuff. I want to know what I have and where it is so that I can put my hands on it quickly. LOL... I was the same way about punches after I got my first Cricut and just like you I quickly realized there was a place for punches in my craft room. I too have an inventory of my punches but I keep it in Evernote so that I can access it on my phone when I'm out shopping. I do the same with my cutting dies. Having it at my fingertips has kept me from making duplicate purchases when I'm doing spur of the moment craft shopping.

  7. WrinkleFreeDiva, I LOVE Evernote for my personal and business lives, but I haven't gotten my crafting and scrapbooking organization into Evernote yet. Definitely have to investigate this further!!