Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Scrapbook Scandal!

Scrapbook Scandal at a Senior Center?? WTH??

There was a story that came up in my Facebook newsfeed and I just was kinda sitting there thinking "YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN ME!". I won't go into the details since the link is above but I can't imagine someone banning these older ladies from the senior center and wonder if there isn't more to the story, surely there has to be.

If I had made scrapbooks for an organization or facility and paid for everything myself and was worried about them being stolen I think I would have done the same and removed my beloved scrapbooks from the facility before they were stolen as well. There are quite a few comments below the posted story and it appears not everyone likes the mayor of the village and feels the actions were not justified. I think I would agree!


  1. After reading the comments, it seems to me the Mayor might be trying to get the senior center to close. She already cut the hours of the center. What better way to do it than intimidate the elderly who make up the center, and make everyone leery of going to it. Wish i had enough money to buy a building in that village and let these women run their own senior center. I hate bullies, especially of the children and elderly.

  2. Nothing more to the story than that the lady that runs it is a ROYAL b word and needs to be fired.

  3. GOOD GRIEF ... is the Mayor a 2-year old? This is absolutely unbelievable. Good for the two ladies that are holding here ground and protecting their property. If this Mayor has nothing better to do than bully these two elderly ladies, then she has no business being in a public office. Sending two officers of the law to escort one out of the facility was a waste of tax payer's money ... especially since it hasn't even been determined if a crime was actually committed ... they only took their own property.. (Sorry, but this action was cruel and unnecessary ... and makes me angry!)