Thursday, September 5, 2013

Layering Glitter or Foil HTV

Okay first off let me tell you that you shouldn't layer glitter or foil HTV. I have done  a lot of research and everything I have read say it will come apart in the wash. I am usually one to say "oh yeah? well I will try and see" but when this stuff is so expensive I just don't want to take the chance. I had layered regular HTV last year when making t-shirts and sweatshirts and didn't have much of a problem.

I knew that I needed to do what I called and "inset" for the colors and I wanted to show my friend Danita of Danita's Designs how I do it. Oh and if you got time go check out the birthday gifts she made her daugher, even a pair of Modge Podge Shoes!! I decided to make my daughter a t-shirt with the letters being a a tiger print and of course it was a cinch to do in Make The Cut so I could demonstrate to Danita how to work with multiple colors of the specialty HTV materials. I also posted a link for her to watch- HOW TO LAYER GLITTER HTV, this is a great video and they show you exactly how it works.

After getting my letters all done I added a very small shadow so the black would overlap the orange just a hair to avoid gaps.

I asked my daughter how many black t-shirts she thought she would wear and she was like "how many are you gonna make me?" so I guess I am safe making her as many as I want HA HA HA.

This was the project finished. It was hard to get a good picture of this one too but I think you can see the general idea. I think it would look totally awesome on white and I might do this one for me on a white hoodie!! 

Tomorrow's post will be the tiger design on how I originally planned it to be and is my "official" design for this year's football t-shirts!


  1. Awesome!!! You are so talented! Once people see these you are going to get tons of orders. You can make some serious money.