Saturday, October 13, 2012

Iron-On Vinyl and the Cricut

I was finally able to get the video uploaded to Youtube. I was actually going to post it yesterday but when I gave up and went to bed Thursday night it still had like 25 minutes left on the upload so that put it off until today.

I would first like to say I got my vinyl at and I have done business with them before as that is where I order my regular vinyl that I use with my Cricut. They have some other iron-on available other than what I ordered such as patterned, glittered and metallic. I now have a contact there and it will make it easier for me to make my orders. If you are wanting to order you can use the information below and tell em "OKIE SENT ME" and Clay will be more than willing to help you out.

Clay Cecil
Supply Sales Consultant

903-462-7700 EXT. 2066

The vinyl seems more expensive but you are getting a larger quanity by buying the rolls of 15" x 5' and if you have someone to split with it would work out even better. I ordered a roll of orange, black and white since that is the colors of the university. Most of my designs have been a good size and so far I have done 7 sweatshirts and 5 tshirts and still have some left left where I might be able to do a few more. For me to go to the T-shirt place here in town and get items customized it likely would have cost me well over $300 as they charge by the design and letter/number.

Here is the video tutorial. I will try to answer any questions that are left in the comments and I might not get to them right away today as I will be at a football game, but will be sure to check the comments when I get home.

Here are pictures of Chuck's hoodie completed.

I used Team Spirit for the Tiger head. It is the decal feature and as I showed in the video I used the hide contour feature for the black layer to get the black strips.

Varsity Letter was used for the "ECU" and "91". I did the block in black and then on the outer outline layer I used hide contour feature that gave me just the smaller inside for the orange. I found it easier to layer this way rather than having the orange be the bottom block layer and then the black be the top outline. I didn't have to worry about trying to line up the letters and some orange showing through. I showed in the video how that happens sometimes.

Chuck was very specific about what he wanted on his hoodie. He really liked the tiger head and he wasn't as picky about what font I used but, he was about size and placement for the words and his football number. I did put his name down a little further than I normally would have on a sweatshirt but I wanted to make sure his name would be easily visible when the hood is down.

He is quite proud of his newly decked out hoodie and said "Yep I got a one of a kind" and kept saying everyone is going to be jealous. Chuck is such a kid sometimes! LOL


~Flip Image

~Spell Words Backwards and Then Flip

~Blade setting at 2, Pressure on Low (this might vary by machine)

~Use Cotton Setting On Iron - NO STEAM

~Use Hard Surface For Ironing

~Use Sheet of Heavy Paper On Top of Transfer Tape


  1. Fabulous - that came out so well and awesome tutorial. TFS

  2. Awesome!!! Thank you so much for showing how you do it.. The layering looks so easy.. When you put CHUCK on the back, do you need to put something inside the shirt? I am thinking a piece of cardboard maybe? Thank you again for the video.. Clay was a big help with my 2nd vinyl order.. You are starting a new trend ;) LisaMH

  3. Lisa I did put a double folded piece of heavy paper on the inside. So far that seems to work just fine.

  4. Great video!! Thank You!! It answered tons of my questions!!

  5. easy to follow thanks. am wondering mabye a side of a grocery bag would work over the transfer tape? ya think? i might go out to our packing house and see if i can get some freezer paper they use to pkg their meat. i bet this would be good to use. thanks for the video.
    now is this what they call HTV?

  6. Kat I am sure a grocery bag would work just fine. I wouldn't use freezer paper since it has a wax coating on it. You could probably even use just a regular sheet of copy paper.

  7. Great video. So informative that I think I could actually do this!!
    I see where you ordered the vinyl. I assume that this is a different kind of vinyl than they sell in stores isn't it?
    I am so glad I discovered your site. Thank you for all you share with us!
    One more question. Can you cut this vinyl on a regular cricut machine?

    1. I haven't seen any iron-on vinyl in the stores. You can easily cut the iron-on with the Cricut, that is what I used on this project.