Friday, October 12, 2012


Oh my goodness! I can't believe I have neglected my blog like this! But I do have excellent reasons for being away. I am not even sure quite where to start with an explanation but I shall just start typing and see where it leads.

My daughter has been absolutely wonderful since moving back home. She is now the person I remember from years ago who was grateful, appreciative, funny and most of all HAPPY! I can truly say I enjoy her company and having her around. Of course this summer it was touch and go a few times if I would choke her to death when I would see her or just go in a shell and ignore that the hateful person that was in front of me was my child. Luckily God is good and has brought her back from the brink of...hhmm, what to call it...I guess for the lack of a better term "self destructive insanity". She did get back with Chuck, the young man that was here all summer *okie wonders if she should mention that Chuck announced just the other day he is never leaving*, and was her boyfriend last spring and early summer. Here is a picture of them getting ready to go to a party after a football game.

I am extremely overjoyed that God listens to my prayers and brought my daughter to her senses and had her ask to move back home as the house she was living in was busted for drugs just last week *okie sighs deeply, closes her eyes and gives another thank you to God*. Even though my daughter was not involved with the ordeal she would have been arrested just the same for even living in the house. No one can ever convince me that God doesn't listen to my prayers!

Having one vehicle and 3 people needing to go places leaves me playing taxi quite a bit. I told my friend Linda just the other day "it's worse than having a bunch of toddlers", I mean at least with toddlers you can give them a little Dimetapp and put them out for awhile. I have found that with young adults you need large quantities of alcohol and since my daughter isn't of legal drinking age I don't think I can go that route quite yet. However, she does turn 21 next month...I think the kids might be getting a jumbo margarita with supper every night!

Shiane and I had been busy for two weeks getting the house ready for company and that was taking up quite a bit of our time. Chuck's family was coming in for homecoming at the university  last weekend and the house was looking like something off hoarders due to Shiane moving in and me having stuff boxed for a possible garage sale. After some thought we decided the heck with the garage sale and hauled it all off to Goodwill! There is still some things I want to go through and get rid of but for now at least my house is resembling my home once again!

A lot of my time was spent getting ready to do some t-shirts for Chuck's family and that was changed slightly when the weather got cold and they decided they wanted sweatshirts. I am glad I had waited to do them or I would have been in quite a fix. They did turn out great and everyone loved their sweatshirts. And what made it even better was that ECU won the game, 41 to 3! It made it worth sitting out in the freezing wind to see a victory on homecoming!

I gotta get busy on my projects for my Christmas party as it will be here before I know it. Hopefully I will get some crafting done soon. I will be making a post showing you guys my new shower curtain and window curtain I made for my small bathroom. I am so glad I have a working sewing machine once again!

Final note, I do have a video that will be posting tomorrow on how to use the iron-on vinyl with the Cricut! I got the video all done, was almost done editing and the dang program closed on me. I had to go back and re-edit the whole thing. Ya'll better be glad I love ya'll or I wouldn't have went back and done it...just would have canned the whole project! *okie cracks up laughing*.


  1. Great photo. Those two are going to make you some really pretty grandkids someday! LOL!

  2. Nice photo. Glad your daughter is back home. Can't wait to see the vinyl video. I'm still have yet to purchase vinyl for my cricut use. TFS, Smooches...

  3. So glad that things are looking better for you. God is great!!!! love the sweatshirts! Haven't tried the vinyl yet. Courage ya know...
    Sandy R.MN

  4. WHAT??? You could have had a garage sale to earn money to come visit me and go to CHA??? GRRRR!!!

    Well, I am glad things are back to the good ole says nonetheless :-)

  5. What a nice picture. I'm glad things are coming back to normalcy for you. God always listens. Always. :)

  6. So happy to hear this! They do make a good lookin pair.

  7. So happy to hear this! They do make a good lookin pair.

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I so enjoy reading your blog.
    Your daughter is beautiful (pretty mom also) and her boyfriend looks like a loveable hunk.
    Kids finally grow up and you're amazed you are still sane and they turned out great.
    God does listen to us and love us.
    hugs to all of you,