Monday, September 24, 2012

Don't Like The Team? Change It!

I use to have a stadium seat that I loved and used frequently at football and softball games. Somehow over the years it has come up missing. Now that I am back in the swing of going to football games I needed another stadium chair. Bleachers are always hard on the tush and usually it kills my back so the chairs are nice to have. I was talking about it at school one day and one of the teachers said she had one I could have and brought it to me. I was planning on recovering it with some tiger fabric but since the colors matched my needs I didn't need to do that and only needed to cover up the university logo that was imprinted on the back.

Supplies Used:
Cricut Expression
Cricut Craftroom Software
Cricut George cartridge
Cricut Varsity Letter cartridge
Cricut Team Spirit cartridge
Transfer Tape

I measured the emblem that was already on the chair to see how big I would need to make my vinyl design to cover it up. I made my oval to fit in the measurements I needed and then started my design from that point.

Using Cricut Craftroom is a real pain in the butt to me and believe me I would NOT have used it had I had a choice but since Team Spirit isn't in Design Studio yet I was limited on my options. What should have taken me about 10-15 minutes to design and set up took me HOURS...and no, I am not exaggerating. My friend Linda can vouch for me since she had to listen to me curse while we were on the phone.

It took me forever to get the letters arranged along the curve because CCR is very jerky and in my thinking it might be due to the dependence on the internet and servers not always running smoothly. All I know is that every time I have used that silly program it has been very jerky and irritating.

I got to take it to the game on Saturday and it it worked like a charm!


  1. Love the seat! I agree I hate CCR, I really think its the server too. I've never tried to curve letters around an oval with my gypsy, any idea if it can be done?

  2. wow this is so cool. what a great idea.

  3. This is AWESOME! Never tried CCR, but... doesn't sound like I'm really going to want to, either... Glad you were able to get it done in time.