Monday, November 22, 2010


Linda and I survived our excursion to OKC for a little shopping on Saturday *okie wonders if people thought maybe survival was not a success*.

We hit Hobby Lobby first. I was in luck and the scrapbook storage was on sale 50% off and I was able to pick up another set of the vertical paper holders, the bummer part was that there was only one! I did also get a few of the SpareParts brads. Oh I found the cutest bling owls that I got because my daughter's sorority has owls as the mascot. I grabbed two packs and Linda talked me into grabbing two more! I think Linda and I are very good at spending each others money! I also got a Tim Holtz paper pack and an K & Company paper pack. Who can resist at 50% off??

Linda wanted to look for tiny bows so we went to the Christmas section and I saw these boas and told Linda I wanted one. I was trying them on for size and Linda said she needed to take a picture. I do look good in red don't ya think?

Went to eat lunch at Olive Garden but it was too packed so we went to Michaels. Linda left with a little jar of embossing powder and I left with nothing. Yes you heard me.....NOTHING! I have always preferred Hobby Lobby over Michaels and usually always find more at HL that I want.

After Michaels we went back to Olive Garden to eat. I had the appetizer platter and salad *okie wonders if her leftovers are still good in the fridge*. The waitress was either new, on drugs or dropped on her head as a baby because she was a little ditzy! She is lucky she didn't get cussed a few times. The food was good of course! Linda shared her pie cake thing with me and it was very good. I think she said something about a tuxedo in the name of it. When I say share she said she would split it with me. Well when I think of split I think of half. Let's just say we were NOT equals that day! Yeah...Linda took the bigger piece! HOW RUDE!

We stopped at an electronics store since I am in the market for a new TV. I didn't buy one but did find out that electronic stores are quite a bit higher than Walmart! And yes my dear readers I am stalking the Walmart BF ad!

Linda introduced me to Sam's Club. I have been there a few times, but only for a quick trip in and out. We weren't in a hurry Saturday so we went through the whole store! We didn't even have to buy supper since we at going down the aisles! I was able to pick up a few things that I was needing at home anyway. I told Linda if I had more money I would be in trouble because I would be a lot more! If I go again I will have to remember to take bags with me. Who knew they didn't have bags for your stuff! *okie thinks "well self you didn't know you idiot"*.

After Sam's we hit another Hobby Lobby. I was able to pick up two more of the paper holders and two My Mind's Eye packs *okie so totally love's MME glitter packs*. Linda struck up conversation with a young lady and I started feeling sorry for the girl because Linda was telling the poor gal that Linda could show her how to max out her credit card. All the girl wanted to do was make a card! *okie thinks Linda can be such a pushy enabler and is so glad not to be that way herself*

We got back to Linda's around 8 pm or so. I was able to get my markers from her! And I did give her the paper! She has already made some cards with can see them HERE, along with her version of our day.


  1. How about a picture of those paper holders you got at HL? I'm needing (yes, needing) something to store my paper in and would love to see what you use. Sounds like agreat day and you look Terrific in Red!

  2. You are rocking the red boa girl!!! Glad you had a great day.

  3. Sounds like Okie had a very fun day of shopping and learned a lot of new things along the way! :)

    Connie, she might be talking about the Cropper Hopper brand vertical paper holders. I use them and won't even consider anything else. They keep my papers so neat and organized, and I'm a bit of a paper-junkie, so I've got TONS of it! I have 7 of those Cropper Hopper paper holders and 6 of them are filled to the brim! I also use the smaller individual holders outside of the large holder, to keep specific sets of papers together (like I have all my Halloween papers in one of them, and all of my "Fall" ones in another); then I just use the divider tabs inside the large containers to separate my pages by color and whether they are printed or plain. Give me your email address or facebook page if you'd like to see pictures of my set up. ;)

  4. Oops, sorry, Connie - I forgot to give my MY contact info: Email address is, and my facebook page can be found under "Mary Morabito Horwitz". Have a great day!

  5. Cute picture! Oh yes, you would NEVER enable anyone or encourage them to spend money on crafting supplies - how dare she! ;)

  6. You forgot to mention that you told me "I'm pregnant" while I had my back turned! And almost caused a cardiac arrest on my part1 LOL!

    Now that I have 5 new paper packs I CAN'T BUY ANY MORE PAPER! LOL!

  7. Sounds like a great day! And you look GOOD in red.

  8. Oh Okie you are sooo funny. I again used that adorable zebra card. I changed it to a giraffe card this time.. I so love that card.. hope you take a look at it.. hugs

  9. LOVE the picture Okie! Sounds like you 2 gals had a fun outting! :o) It's always nice to go shopping with someone you like and you 2 are a hoot together! I also wanted to THANK YOU for the link to vote for Diane.... I don't have facebook and was soooo thrilled to see you post a link were I could vote.... :o)

  10. I think this should be your xmas card photo, and you forgot to mention something about being pregnant, LOL, THAT SHOULD STIR THINGS UP. I read that on Lindas blog

  11. Not a pushy enabler, huh Okie? I have three words for you: Janome Sew-Mini!

    Not a pushy enabler for cryin' out loud! I have at least 10 (count em': 10!!!) items in my craft room that are directly attributed to your "not pushy enabling" ways!

    If I hadn't already started my alcohol ink marker collection with another brand, I'd be adding "Promarkers" to my list of items that have found a home in my craft room!

    I think you need the head smacks now for deliberately fibbing, Okie! LOL I don't need anymore! :o)

  12. ANNE!! I can't believe you said that! *okie has astonished look on face* I only try to inform and suggest....not enable.

  13. Red is your color HOT MAMA!
    mhalford6 @aol. com

  14. Looks like you guys had a good time. fun fun. cant wiate to see pics of the stuff you got. have a great day.

  15. Can I ask for an autograph, please? :)

    Glad you had a great day!

  16. you ladies crack me up. I love reading about your adventures lol

  17. OMG! Pull out the waders girls, it's getting deep in here! LOL!

    "I only try to inform and suggest...", yeah, right! LOL!

  18. So much fun and lots of new paper to play with. Thanks for the shopping story...yes red is a good color!

  19. #1 - Inform and suggest my a**!!! LOL!

    #2 - Girl you lookin good in the boa!

    #3 - Stop and stay away from the craft stores. You have to save up for Feb. and to come down here in Mar!

    #4 - But if you guys go shopping again I'm coming up there to join ya'll! You guys are having too much fun!

    #5 - Okie, you had me in stitches reading this post!