Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cuttlebug 5x7 folders storage

There has been a recent revival of interest on my Cuttlebug A2 folder storage! I have had several emails asking about 5x7 folders. I think it was back in January when I did the .cut files for the 5x7 folders at someone's request, but I never cut them because I didn't have any of the folders and therefore I didn't put them on my blog.

Well now I do have 3 of the 5x7 folders and since people have been asking about the .cut file I thought I would get it posted. The score lines are included and they are done just like the A2 size ones so you can refer to that post if you need to.

There are two different files, both require the Expressions to cut due to the size of the folder.
- CB 5x7 folders Plantin
-CB 5x7 folders George

Each has the mats labeled and there are graduated tabs on the folders. There is also a divider included if you would like to cut one of those.

If you want to emboss the fronts be very careful. I was not able to use the 2 B plates to do so since the folder is larger than the A2 and the back of the storage folder has to go through at the same time. The combination I used was white plate, C plate, folder with storage folder loaded, 2 chipboard shims. Of course the shims will depend on the thickness of your chipboard.

Hope you guys can use this for your own storage.


  1. Neato! Do you have a photo of how you store all of these together? I'd love to see it!

  2. Thanks Shirley, really appreciate all your time and effort making all of your cut files and sharing.

  3. Ooooo I like these! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is Awesome Okie! I'm gonna try this out and see if it helps me with my storage... :o) Thanks!

  5. Thanks, I just saw that Linda Kaiser from paper boutique mentioned you had created the folders for reg size, now you just created the 5x7.. Thanks. Oh, and I just notice someone called you Shirley? so that is your name?

  6. Thanks so much!! The revival was due to a post on someone else's blog (sorry can't remember where) and I know that I sincerely appreciate you sharing your files!! They're pure genius!

  7. Okie I really want this file and I can't open this. I have a Mac. This is the best idea. Could you just tell me the the length and width of the folders with out the tabs. Then with the tab.

  8. Love, love, love the file folders for the A2 size. It has made my life much easier. Thanks so much for sharing your file! I am sure I will cut some of the 5x7 size, once I own a few of them!

  9. I was thinking about doing something like this. You are a life saver for sharing your work! Thanks.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing, I do use these for my folder and I LOVE them

  11. I LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing! I am going to give this a try and see if it helps my organizational efforts. Nice Job!