Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Here are another 3 note cards!

I got some more note cards finished up tonight and thought I would get them posted before going to bed. That makes a total of 36 note cards I have made in the last few nights! *okie does a "yeah me" dance*. Only 36 more to go and I will have 6 sets of 12 to give as gifts! I am still using my scraps for these so it's almost like I am making them for free huh!? LOL

I used stamps for the card on the left and the middle. The card on the right is a computer generated sentiment. I think the one on the left ended up lookin like a note book LOL. I really love the little confetti flowers for cards. The middle card has a 2" scallop circle and the one on the right is a Stampin Up Scallop circle and I think it is probably about 1.75". On right hand side card I did give the top piece of paper a spritz of bronze Glimmer mist and it shows up better if you click the picture and make it bigger. Oh and I did Cuttlebug again on two of the cards.

I keep making these and it is getting to where I think they all look the same! *okie pouts* I don't want them looking the same! I think part of the problem is that with the scraps for me to get the maximum cuts I end up cutting the papers at almost the same sizes. Maybe I can change that on my next sets I make. I am planning on using my Cricut on those!

You can click on the picture if you would like to see more detail.



    Oh so Pretty!

    ...did I mention that I LOVE THEM yet????

  2. Okie,
    Your note cards are great! I can't believe you did so many in the last couple of nights. I love your work.
    I don't know if you've been to my new blog or not, but I'd love it if you checked it out and followed me if you like what you see. Thanks, Shari

  3. Beautiful job. That is a LOT of notecards! Who ever receives them will be very lucky and I'm sure will really love them!

  4. I think those cards are great! I am new to cardmaking and I have a question for you please. On the middle and right one, it looks like you have grosgrain ribbon on it. Where does that ribbon end? Did you cut it off at the edge of the card? If so how does it not ravel? Or does it wrap around to inside the card? If so, how do you cover the ends? I'd love to know these little details to help me in my cardmaking 101 process! lol

  5. Beth I snip the ribbon off even with the card and I use one of those long handled lighters to just burn the ends ever so slightly to keep it from unraveling.