Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's Shipped!!

No no no not the Gypsy. I haven't joined the caravan on that one yet. I am talking about my California Paper Goods order!! I partcipated in their auction and won some of the things I was bidding on. I totally am in love with the Stardream Mica cardstock they have and I got a few of the colors they have available! I am just too excited! Bad part is that it will take 4 days to get here. Today is Thursday so that means I won't get it until Tuesday. But at least it is on it's way!!! WOOHOO!! *okie does the "I am getting Stardream Mica Paper dance"*

What I won isn't full sheets but I don't need full sheets with this stuff. I use it for lettering and elements on layouts and cards so the 6x8.5" strips I got will work wonderfully! I did also get some full A2 cards and some A2 fronts, but again I will just use the pieces for elements.

I also got some envies. Matter of fact one item was 1,000 soft red dot A2 envies. Now what am I gonna do with 1,000 soft red dot A2 envies you may be wondering...well my friend Linda is part of the Cards for Soldiers group on the Cricut messageboard and when she found out that there were envies in the auction she told me "you bid and I will split". So half of those will be going to a good cause!

I will have to post pictures of my goodies once they get here!!

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  1. Okie I love love your L/O you do beautiful work.

    Great job on that the colors are beautiful.

    lv2scrap02 (cricut MB)