Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Altering tins....

I love to alter objects. I especially like the little lunch box tins. Last year I did some at Christmas as prizes for my Annual Girlfriend Christmas party, they were a hit! I had put some little travel Bath & Body Works stuff in them. I made one not long ago for my aunt and put notecards in it and gave it to her for her birthday. I have been looking for more but couldn't find any. Well I found them online for like $4 or $5...which I do not want to pay!

Today I had a few extra minutes between clients and ran into Dollar Tree to look for something...I didn't find what I was looking for but I did find tins!! I was so excited! I bought quite a few since I do love them and love to do them for gifts.

So if you are in search of tins you might check your Dollar Tree!

Here are the tins. I have I think 8 A2 size cards in the dome one and 12 little note cards in the mini lunch pail one. I can't wait to alter these! To make things easier I will make a pattern out of heavy cardstock so I don't have to measure every time I want to alter one. I can't decide if I need to spray paint them or not. Today it is too windy to spray paint so I will have to do it without spray painting.

Here is a picture of them open and with the cards in them.


  1. I also stopped by Dollar Tree today and found these. I got quite a few. I did get some at Tuesday Morning recently but they were more than a dollar ($2.50). Dollar Tree will have a run on these tomorrow.


  2. I used to get mine from ProvoCraft (but for way more than $1) But they don't even offer them anymore. Sometimes Target has them in their $1 spot too. Can't wait to see yours altered :)

  3. Well, I was planning on not going shopping, but this is just to cute an idea to pass on. Thanks,

  4. Well, I was planning on not going shopping. But these are way to cute.

  5. Okie,

    I use Alcohol Ink on my tins. Used with a blending solution, it can sometimes give it a stained glass look.

    TFS on the good deal at Dollar Tree.


  6. What a great idea! Can;t wait to see your finished product!

  7. You can also find them in the Value bins at Jo-Anns they are $2.50 but you can use your coupons on them.