Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why do I give in to my daughter? stupid Tinkerbell!

I decided to let my daughter pick out a cart...she chose Tinkerbell and Friends. This was a few months ago and I just now got around to cutting something from it. My neighbor Naomi needs a card for her great niece who will be 4 at the end of the month and Naomi asked if I had anything with a princess. I told her I had Tinkerbell and she said that would be perfect.

OMG! Tinkerbell is very naughty! Her eyes are a pain to do. I tried to cut them but let me tell you cutting Tink at 5.5 they just ARE NOT HAPPENING! *at least for okie* I then tried coloring in the eyes with gel pens and totally jacked her face up. She looked something similar to the Joker from Batman. I AM NOT KIDDIN!!

Tonight I looked at her and thought I had to do something to salvage that poor fairy. I was able to get the head and arms cut off with some Undu and then cut them again. I used one of the ugly faces as a template and drew at the edge of the eyes and mouth with a .01 black zig pen, and then the bottom of the mouth the same way on white cardstock. I then colored the rest of the face black except where her mouth and eyes went. I used a SU marker for the blue of her eyes and for her mouth. Now that I got it figured out for the smaller Tinks it might not be too bad.

I haven't gotten the card done yet. But at least I have the Tink done now.

So without further ado I present TINKERBELL! You can click the pictures for larger image.


  1. For all of the drama she turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!!!! We all give in to our daughters! That is what makes us Mothers! TINK IS FABULOUS!

  2. She turned out great!! Good for you sticking with it until you got it to work!! **don't we get to see the one with the Joker face??** LOL

  3. I'm glad I am not the only one who had a hard time with Tink. Try using your Stardust Gel Pen (or any clear glittery color) to add some of the highlights to her hair. My girls call it her "fairy dust" and think it is sooo cool. But I agree that they needed to do something different for her eyes.

  4. I think that she looks Great!! Good Job!

  5. I think you are too hard on yourself sometimes girl. Tink looks fabulous. Great job. You know DD appreciates what you do for her.