Monday, February 9, 2009

My white doodling....

Is done with a Signo UM-153 pen. I have had people ask me what white pen I use so thought I would share a little info on them. I got one from ScrapperDelighted and well when it started to run out I got in a bit of a panic!! Luckily there were people posting about where to get the pens. I chose to go with JET PENS since they had free shipping with an order over $25. I ordered a box of 10 of the white and then ordered one gold and one silver to make my order over $25, the total was $26. They have super fantastic service and the shipping was really quick!!

So if you ladies are lookin for the perfect white pen and don't want to pay the retail price of an average of $3.99 I would look into ordering from JET PENS.


  1. I just love coming to your blog... thanks for always sharing. I have left you something on my blog. (I have to get you there somehow LOL)

  2. Hi Okie! Check out my most recent post on my blog - I left you a little something! :)

  3. thank you for your information. been looking for a god white pen.
    i'll check out the site.