Monday, September 16, 2019

Caregy HTV from Amazon - Family Reunion

I don't know how many different brands of HTV I have at this point in time but it is over 10 for sure. The difficult thing with different brands is they all seem to have their own temperature, pressing and peel settings and this can cause me some confusion when I get ready to make a shirt with a more than one color.

Recently I had to make quite a few shirts and need a lot of white HTV and went looking on Amazon because shipping prices tend to negate the cost of any sale prices on HTV. I sure didn't want to pay the prices from Hobby Lobby as I need over 7 yards! I did finally find one that had excellent reviews and thought I would give it a try. The CARGEY HTV is thinner than some of the other brands I have and I found it to weed and press WONDERFULLY!

The price at time of posting is $29.99 for 12"x25', yes that is FEET! Which if you are a Prime member and get free shipping it works out to $1.20 a foot! CAREGY does have limited colors right now but the prices are great! 

The shirts I was working on at the time were for our family reunion that took place over Labor Day weekend. Everyone loved their shirts. We started planning the reunion over a year ago to allow everyone time to get vacation and travel plans arranged. Each color shirt represents a different sibling family. This picture is of the first generation cousins that attended the reunion. We were missing, I think 7 first generation cousins that did not attend the reunion for various reasons. A few attending the reunion didn't want the design on their shirt, stating they wouldn't be able to wear the shirt again which was totally ridiculous to me but to each their own. 

We all agreed how lucky we are to have a close extended family and contribute this to the closeness of our parents as over they years they always kept us updated on what the other families were doing.
We are now planning a cousin's gathering for Thanksgiving weekend in 2020 that will take place in Branson. I might have to come up with a design for that event as well, except for those who feel they can't wear the shirt again *okie shakes her head and laughs*.


  1. I agree ... family is so important. You are so blessed to have a close extended family. Your parents did a wonderful job keeping you all close, and each of you are now doing a great job of keeping that connection going. Shirts (or no shirts), I am sure you are going to have a fabulous "cousin reunion" in 2020. And speaking of shirts ... you did an awesome job on these shirts!

  2. The shirts look GREAT!!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your next gathering at Thanksgiving 2020!!!