Monday, April 2, 2018

Gable Box House - Weekly SVG Project

After making the Gable Boxes with the oval windows as Easter gifts I got the idea to make one that would look like a house and off I went into Make The Cut to design just that! I think this would be great at Christmas to decorate as a Gingerbread House, or Halloween as a haunted House...well you get the picture!

Supplies Used:

Cricut Maker
Gable Box House SVG file
Cardstock in Red, Grey and White
Double Sided Tape
Sizzix Brick Embossing Folder

I cut this one at 11.25" tall and it's approximately 6" wide and 3" deep.

**Cricut Maker Review Comment**
I cut the window frame out of white cardstock and also the Comic Book Board, which is a bit more sturdy than most chipboard in my possession. I used the "Mat Board" setting in Design Space and OMG! The precision was excellent! 

I did decorate the back of the box I made but I think it really wouldn't be necessary if you didn't feel like it or if you wanted to save paper. I think I did it more just to see how it looked. I had to cut the roof shingles twice so I would have the shingles for the back.

For those in the papercrafting group I am including the instructions so you will know how to put the box together if you download the file. This is the Weekly SVG for the week of April 2, 2018.

1. You will need to score as pictured. I can't give you exact measurements because I don't know what size you will be cutting your gable box. You can click on the picture and make it bigger if you need a closer look.

2. Next you will put your Acetate Sheet down on the area where the window is. Now if you aren't doing a decorative layer you will need to make sure you place the acetate on the inside of the box.

3. Adhere your decorative front to the box. I used the Sizzix Bricked embossing folder and lightly inked over it with the Mini Blending Tool and black Memento Ink to give the brick a bit more depth.

 4. Score across the largest strip of the roof shingles at the straight edges, not sure that makes sense but just look at the picture and it will make more sense. I also inked the shingles a little, but of course that is a personal preference.

 5. I found it easier to use the edge of my craft table to help me line up the shingles.

 6. I added little score marks on the shingle layers so it would be easier to line up the shingles. Just line up on the sides and use the score marks as guides of where to line up layer, making sure to cover the score mark just slightly.

7. Finish applying the shingles.

8. Adhere the window frame to the front of the box.

9. Add glue or tape to the tab on the side of the box and line up and adhere. I find glue works better unless I'm using the super sticky Thermoweb Super Tape. Repeat the other side.

10. On the bottom flaps add glue or tape to the outside of one flap and the inside of the other flap, this gives the bottom a good strong bond.

11. For the small flaps fold inward and add glue and then push to the bottom flap. I stood the box up and held the flap down for a few seconds so I could make sure it was stuck together good.

And there ya have it! This Gable Box could be decorated so cute and using pretty much any theme! If you don't want to use the window you will just need to cut two of the solid layers. The Gable Box Oval Window is put together basically the same way so just refer back to this post if you need instructions.


  1. Love it, I really wish I had more time to play with the files that you create; so much detail.

  2. I love this idea. Thinking with a window box full of flowers for spring if we ever get one.

  3. Oops! Forgot to comment here! Thank you!!!

  4. Got it. Thank you so very much :)

  5. I love this box Okie as soon as I saw it the other day I thought this would be a great gingerbread house to put cookies in at Christmas time.
    I wounded if it would hold up with cookies in it to send to my stepson that moved to California from Ohio.
    Maybe but it in a little bigger box and stuf it with bubble wrap?

  6. Love this so much! Anxious to make it. Thank you so much for your generosity. You are very blessed with your artistic ability!!

  7. Love the box! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  8. I love this box. Is there a link to purchase or is it just available for a limited time? Thank you for the detailed instructions.

    1. The file is available to members of the Cricut Design Space Paper Crafting group.

  9. Thank you for sharing this great project and file.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the group!

  11. Thanks for the file Okie!! MY gf is doing a remodel on her doggy day care business front. It has a old victorian look to it. This will make a perfect open house gift for me to bring to her with some treats in it!!

  12. Thank you so much for this project, I have lots of ideas for how to use it! Teacher gifts will be my first attempt! :)

  13. How do I join the Cricut Design Space Paper crafting group? I LOVE paper crafts and I LOVE this project!!!