Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dear Men Of The World

Dear Men Of The World,

I think you somehow got mixed up when getting in line for the maturity gene. I, on the other hand, have reached the life marker of 50 years and have matured since who and what I was in early adulthood. Since I have never been married and raised my daughter alone I had to become independent. My independence affords me the following...
  • dinner in a restaurant alone without feeling uncomfortable
  • seeing a movie in a theater all by myself
  • call for my own car repairs, use to do a lot of my own repairs
  • deal with used car salesmen and buy a car
  • take care of my yard
  • organize my garage
  • do minor plumbing repairs
  • own power tools and know how to use them
  • change fuses and sockets without getting electrocuted
  • make my own money
  • pay my own bills
  • and many, many more things 
but mostly I have learned to enjoy my own company and can make it through life without needing a man to feel I am worthy as a woman. 

If I chose to have you in my life it is because I enjoy your companionship. The definition of companionship in my life is simply, to quote Merriam and Webster "the good feeling that comes from being with someone else". Let me dumb it down for ya a bit, *clears throat* I mean explain it more clearly so there is no misunderstanding - "being with" is spending time with and having conversation on a regular basis. So yes, actually doing activities, attending events and talking to one another. One more explanation, talking requires face to face conversation with words coming out of the mouth. It is not words on the screen of a phone. 

Please take a note, I'll wait while you get a pen and paper...
My amour-propre doesn't rise or fall with what you say or think about me. Instead it is based on belief in myself. There is nothing you can say to or about me that is going to make me want to suddenly have your penis slide into my vagina. So unless we are companions do not approach me with any suggestions of sex, and even then don't ask but instead let things happen as time goes on. I can and have done without sex and have learned that while it is wonderful with someone I love I don't need sex to have a happy life.

In other words, go grab a magazine, some Vaseline and get it on with yourself because this woman right here is NOT going to be your
  • fuck buddy
  • booty call
  • one night stand
  • Netflix and chill chick
  • hit it and get it
  • friend with benefits
  • whore
or any other euphemism you might want to use for the situation of having sexual intercourse without being a companion in life. 



  1. Well you sure did a good job of putting someone in their place!! Good for you!!!

  2. Could not have put it better myself! Well done!

  3. Well said Shirley!!! Well said for all the independent women out there!! Hugs, Brenda

  4. So,it seems you've been "Pricked".
    Wonderful job expressing your feelings. Love how you made it so simple
    that any knuckle dragger could understand. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. *slow clap* Nicely put, Okie.

  6. must be something in the air. another friend had to say about the same thing on facebook just a few days ago to a guy

  7. Wow, in case you didn't know already you've now been told!

  8. Was just talking about how these young kids just hook up for a night and then go on their way. They think nothing of it. It makes me ill. I've been married for 35 years im not in this situation. For me, Intimacy is still special, not to be given freely. I could have wrote what you did, but you said it perfectly.